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I tried installing Slackware today. I was too lazy to look up the parameters for fdisk and cfdisk, so I got out my Fedora DVD and wiped my second hard disk clean (there’s a Fedora install on it but my Windows Vista RC1 installation erased GRUB and installed its own tacky boot loader). Dumb me! […]

Authware is semi-live

I intended to push myself to get my writing site working before my birthday, but couldn't because I was also working on my blog theme. I'll be changing things across my sites, to keep the designs related. I couldn't make the necessary code modifications because I'm lazy Writing some components within that short a time […]


I’ve already mocked up a design for Authware and tweaked the database layer — I was able to communicate successfully with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server. Hopefully, any other developer interested should be able to write a layer for mySQLite or some other obscure database. I used PHP 5’s Interface feature — the classes only […]

Designers vs. Developers

I’m in charge of overhauling a site ( and moving it to Joomla. Here’s the test site [before it goes live]. I’ve been slaving away at this site for quite a while, rewriting components to fit the design I was given as much as possible. I proffer my work to the client, and he’s quite […]

Changing Compilers

I updated my archaic DevC++ installation today — and holy of holies, I couldn’t compile something I was working on. I decided to try out a “Hello World” program, but I still couldn’t compile. I was beginning to think the problem was from several installations I made recently so I uninstalled them — the errors […]


I was just going over something today ans came across SQLite. Nope — it’s not that I just discovered it — I mean, I initially planned to start using it way back since last year, but I obviously needed a book to remind me that it existed. I’m working on a lightweight database abstraction layer […]