Designers vs. Developers

i55 ScreenshotI’m in charge of overhauling a site ( and moving it to Joomla. Here’s the test site [before it goes live].

I’ve been slaving away at this site for quite a while, rewriting components to fit the design I was given as much as possible. I proffer my work to the client, and he’s quite satisfied but what happens with the designer?

He’s angry I didn’t give the exact stuff shown in his PSD design. For one, I had considerably slimmed the site down from the former developer’s work, and tried to follow his design as best as I could, rewriting some components in some cases to make them fit. I’d originally been told by my client to ignore the styling if it wasn’t feasible.

Was this my punishment for trying to match the design I was given? Designers can be such a royal pain…


  1. Vera says:

    Hey Azuka,

    Thanks for stopping by my page. I read some of your stuff, but it didn’t mean much 2 me cause I know almost doodley squat bout computers. I’m not really terrible, but I’m not the first person one would call for computer related issues. I’ve been tryna put an RSS FEED on my blog. Problem is, I don’t know enuff about it. I don’t know if it’s a free service. I want people 2 be able 2 subcribe to my blogs, but I cannot figure out how 2 do it (codes et al). I’m like lost in a maze. Any ideas?

    Anyways, I definitely agree with you: Dean Koontz rocks.

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