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Before I turned 20, all the heroes in my stories were between the ages 20 and 24. I don’t know about others, but when I hear an age, I get these bars in my head that looked like this when I was 17: 0 mths – 2 yrs | 3 yrs – 7 yrs | […]


I haven’t had very good experiences with dogs. They terrified me as a kid and one of my earliest scary memories involved having a neighbor’s growl at me. I took off and of course it chased me, caught up and pulled my shorts down. Everyone thought it was funny but I vividly remember lying face […]


There’s something mysterious about a pout — it’s just as endearing as a gap-toothed smile is to me. Just don’t overdo it.


I traveled to Atlanta two weeks ago to apply for the new E-Passport and I received it in the mail today. I don’t remember anything Nigerian being this efficient…


No, you don’t have to act girly but neither do you have to be as aggressive as that guy because you’re a feminist. Whatever happened to being yourself?