I’ve already mocked up a design for Authware and tweaked the database layer — I was able to communicate successfully with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server. Hopefully, any other developer interested should be able to write a layer for mySQLite or some other obscure database. I used PHP 5’s Interface feature — the classes only have to implement it. I only have to work on the admin area and the different modules — it’s going to be tougher this time because I’m using pluggable functions like WordPress, a detailed permissions system, and perhaps XML-RPC.

I’ve been spending a while working with PHPBB3 Olympus, working on some obscure site for some [rich] clients (you may take this tongue-in-cheek). Without Zend Studio to help me explore the code, I daresay I’d have been truly doomed. What confounds me now is duplicating the registration and login codes to work out of the PHPBB concept without lumping together all the core PHPBB code together. So far, I’ve been chasing my tail running through myriads of functions that each make their contribution the the complexity of the code. The annoying thing is that since it’s in beta, there’s no code documentation — I have to make guesses and keep trying. What’s that joke — the last thing a coder wants to do is code.

Flex looks like one of those necessary evils — I remember PHP was when I had to give up ASP and recode a crazy site entirely in PHP. Ikezi’s been bombarding me with Flex UIs to no end but I guess what finally did the trick was Ms Dewey. Talk about a pretty girlish yet sophisticated bot who pouts and winks to no end at you, or looks out of the corner of her eye while doing something silly. As a search engine, it fails — as a seductive marketing ploy, well…


  1. Vera Ezimora says:

    Hey Azuka!

    Thanks for stopping by and even helping me with the font thing. I tried what you said sha, but it didn’t work. It’s still the same size, but that’s okay sha. I’ll just fix it while I type (as in before I publish it). Once again, i have read your post and not really understoof what you’re talking about…but I did check Ms. Dewey out.. and I can see why you go there! C’mon don’t tell me it’s to search cause like you said, as a search engine, it abi she sucks. For the past several minutes, I have been lookin @ her – dunno why. And I think she’s lookin @ me! But I double-checked and my webcam is off. LOL. Anyways, the layout of Ms. Dewey is appealing (wit Ms. Dewey & all), and I like the background too, but I wouldn’t trade google for her. Takes too long…and is too complicated. But she seems nice though.

    This evening, I stumbled upon and I tried putting my link in to be validated but it kept saying my XML couldn’t be validated. Is there something I’m missing? I dunno what else to do; got tired of trying it several different ways, and I know I typed it in the way they asked http://www.verastic.blogspot/atom…. can’t remember the end of it but I know I typed it right.

    So Computer genius, what should I do? [I saw ur link there too, and I think it’s pretty cool! – I mean, the nigerianbloggers site. Do u know any other site where I can publicize my blog? Like errrr….heaven’s website? Those angels are always dying 2 know wat’s up with me, you know? And they have their own heavenly-bloggers/angelic-bloggers website…] I’ve offially written too much

    I realize this is a rather long comment, and I am sorry!

    Sleep tight,
    btw: when I was lil, I used to think Azuka meant “the butt is the biggest” or something like that

  2. Afropinay says:

    Ms. Dewey looks like some fun search site.. I’m soo lazy to wear my headsets and listen but no matter what Azuka you know Google is the KING>. Google needs to apy me for all this publicity sha..I like Ms Dewey cos of the graphical interface,.. but well ..I’ll scan the site to see if I can submit my sites to them.

    You can try feedburner or icerocket to burn your feeds, its generates them automatically..

  3. Ms Dewey isn’t really a search engine. The results are pulled off Windows Live Search.

  4. belle says:

    are you sure you’re only 17??!!!!

  5. Ha ha, Belle. So you’re doubting me? Thanks for dropping by.

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