For want of something better to do today, I was looking over my site statistics, analyzing the search engine keywords used, etc. Due to my woes with eMachines and w3107 drivers [this model isn’t listed on their site so I get a lot of the hits that would have been theirs], it was natural that I should be getting hits pertaining the system. Naturally, ‘Azuka’ was one of the top hits.

Going down, I began to see strange search results that actually got in, the most annoying of which was ‘yansh.’ Now, I don’t think I’ve ever said that word — at least not since I was five — so I wondered where that turned up in my posts. Here’s the culprit post, and as you can see I didn’t even say it.

Here’re some of the strange results:

  • how much do azuka books cost
  • oloshi nigeria
  • the holy azuka
  • azuka omo

The funny things people search for…


  1. Vera Ezimora says:

    Hey Yansh Boy!

    And all this time, I thought you didn’t know the word. Yeah, yeah, I know your neighbour said it, but so what?! Well, as for me, I say it all the time. In fact, I say it at least once a day. “Hmm, my yansh looks big o…!”…. and the sort.

  2. Vera Ezimora says:

    By the way, those things people r searching 4 are hillarious. Oloshi nigeria??? And I’d like to know who Holy Azuka is… certainly can’t be you – the boy who talks about yansh…or listens to it being talked about; the boy who has yansh accompanying his name in a search. What does Ms. Dewey have 2 say about this?

  3. Christabelle says:

    Hi Azuka,
    Hehehe! what pple search for indeed! By the way, is that an English word or a Naija vocab?

    Hey boy its good to be back, and by the way I wasnt hiding, not atall!! muahhhh!!

  4. Afropinay says:

    hahahahaha.. Azukaaaaaa.. im laughing my ass off.. Lord have Mercy..
    I was expecting someone to search for “Azuka yansh”. Now that would have been hilarious…

  5. Hi Christabelle. Glad you’re alive.

    Lol Afropinay, search for what? I don’t have one.

  6. Endi says:

    Funny what people look for online…
    and dont tell me you’ve neva searched
    for such words,images and stuff like that.
    Its just like Porn,the President wouldnt watch it
    if He thinks Azuka would go poke-nosing into wat he
    enters in the Search engine.Na u find trouble..Why u go look?
    E just dey intriguing say people wan
    see ur yansh.Hmm? Very Intriguing!

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