I must have one of the worst techniques of dealing with stress the world over.

I can deal with problems when they come singly, but when they decide to come in droves, I just shut down. There’s the speech I have to give on Tuesday, which ought to have been completed by now, an external PHPBB authentication system which I’m supposed to get done before the month ends [I’ve been running around interlinking functions within Zend Studio until I wanted to tear my hair out], not to forget the code overhaul of my writing site. As if someone out there decided this was my time of tribulation, after my interview with Adeolu Akinyemi, my inbox’s been besieged with emails from people who want me to help them out or work for them. I haven’t even touched on my thoughts of transferring to MIT or some other school, have I or that my friend Ikezi has for some reason been using this period to evangelize Flex?

Hemmed in on all sides, what do I do?


I’ve been doing a great deal of sleeping lately, remaining invisible on YM so my client won’t see me. I’m sure he’s worried, but so am I, especially now that he has three jobs for me. I’m dealing on one hand with a CSS glitch which may or may not threaten other browsers, a very nit-picky designer, and finally a site I’m supposed to design and code. Everytime I log in to the site, I take just one look at what needs to be done and chicken out. Now it’s not the money that matters to me, but how to withdraw honourably without drawing blood — the man puts too much faith in me already.

You can understand then, Sister Overwhelmed, Mari, Calabargal and Queenzy that this Four Meme’s thing going around is just another wahala I’d rather do without.


  1. Afropinay says:

    Wow.. Azuka, I went to Adeolu Akinyemi’s website and I know this is just the beginning.. Gradually, you’ll get there.. Im so proud of you boy!!!
    The MIT issue, its all up to you, but like I told you, it opens more windows of opportunity..Goodluck
    As regards Stress, hmm you need to come ask me.. remember when I used to work 10hrs and school full time.. my advice is just MANAGE YOUR TIME, once you have everything planned out, you’ll be fine..Pele..

  2. Vera Ezimora says:

    Azuka, if it makes you feel any better, I’m the same! It’s like there’s just so much that u dont know where 2 start. And even if u decide 2 start on one, ur mind will keep travellin back 2 all the other ones too.

    Ndo nwa nne’m

  3. Thanks, Afropinay. I’ll try,

    Vera, I’m still procrastinating at the moment oh!

  4. Buki says:

    I am sure you’ll get your head around it all… is it not the Great Azuka? LOL!!!

    Take it easy and it’ll all come together.

  5. rush3k says:

    Yo, I didnt know you had become web celebrity … keep it up, spread the word!

    PS It wont post my comment without my email, don’t spam me man 🙂

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