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I like you

I chuckled to myself as I said, “I like you.” PerhapsĀ a little too loudly as it turned out. The girl walking in front of me took one quick glance back, wrinkled her nose and sped up. I wonder why. I’ve said and done many embarrassing things all my life. Sometimes it’s something from my teens, […]

Rant of today: writing

I can forgive its/it’s. You’re/your,  their/there/they’re are barely tolerable. If I was/if I were or there’s/there’re could be considered nitpicking. Women. “She’s a beautiful women.” “I’m a strong well adjusted women.” Am I missing something? Is it now one women, two womens,  three womenz? It’s your language for Pete’s sake! Amazingly, some of you have […]


Before I turned 20, all the heroes in my stories were between the ages 20 and 24. I don’t know about others, but when I hear an age, I get these bars in my head that looked like this when I was 17: 0 mths – 2 yrs | 3 yrs – 7 yrs | […]


I really didn’t know how to start this piece. There were so many ideas, so many themes to explore, and so little time to spend planning things out. In many ways, it’s like most of my writing — spontaneous, with the cursory punctuation and grammar check afterwards. My reading and writing have always been tied […]


My friends stared at me with this weird look on their faces. “What?” I asked, puzzled. They looked at each other. “You’re eating grass!” one of them exclaimed, pointing at the stalk I’d been chewing on. All I could offer was a nonplussed “Oh.” I’ve loved to chew on things for as long as I […]


I tend to be very wary around people who at first glance appear to be perfect. Humans are by their very nature imperfect, so when I run into someone who — sometimes compulsively — tries to project that facade of flawlessness, the alarm bells go off in my head. Blemishes — physical or behavioral — […]