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Soldier Ants

It was 1997 and we had just moved to our new home. Because it was a new neighborhood and we were among the early settlers, there were lots of things we had to put up with. We only had a footpath where Oro-Ekpo Road is today. The rest of the road was overrun by weeds, […]


We both know my writing is flawless. There are absolutely no mistakes — grammatical, punctuation-wise, or otherwise. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I cast modesty aside and called it perfect. It thus came as a surprise when I came across this comment on my faultless article The Jinn by someone called Mememe, here reproduced […]


Friends. That was my view of the opposite sex when I was little. Delicate friends. They were friends who generally didn’t like to play football — and when they did, they cried every time we ‘played rough.’ The tomboys were the exception — those scary girls you never tried to get into fights with because […]


I stood at the junction, trying to decide which way to go. Normally, it wouldn’t have taken more than a second for me to make that decision but that day was different. I had just witnessed three senior students having an argument about the existence of ‘destiny.’ I wasn’t supposed to be listening, and such […]


Sorry everyone, I’ve been a little busy. In my last post, I made some cryptic musing and everyone either assumed I was in love or that it was the other way round. Actually, I’ve been watching too much anime. As always when I’m at a loss on what to blog about, I go back to […]

It’s a delicate situation

…when someone who loves you, is someone you love but not in that way. PS: I’m not in love! I’ve been very busy, and I might not be able to blog in a long time…