It’s a delicate situation

…when someone who loves you,
is someone you love but not in that way.

PS: I’m not in love! I’ve been very busy, and I might not be able to blog in a long time…


  1. idemili says:

    Ok….Azuka, I didn’t know you had even ventured into Girlworld. Who is she? The one that keeps calling you ‘Sexy?’

  2. twinstaiye says:

    Azuka, in what way? what do you mean by “in that way” can you explain further?

  3. Ugo says:

    Ok, now i can believe it when my friend tells me he saw a flying cow. This is a new you. I was about to ask whether you’re allergic to love. Alas, one fine girl somewhere is messing with ya head…give it a try bro. Forget teh grammar. SHOOT!

  4. Noni Moss says:

    Mmmhhh cant be easy – especially when you have to tred the tightrope of being honest but not wanting to hurt their feelings. Good luck!

  5. Nyemoni says:

    Indeed it is a delicate and trying situation…Good luck!

  6. tokunbo says:


    I know exactly what you mean, and damn, it hurts!! real bad,(especially if you were to turn the table around), and you were to be the one ‘loving’ but not loved ‘in that way’ back. u know!!.

    its really hard to get over such…

  7. Vickii says:

    Isn’t it just? so I know there’s always a story behind your musings … are we going to get to hear this one?

  8. Keshi says:

    it is a delicate situation indeed…


  9. Muze says:

    man. i can so relate to this. what a good two line post. lol.

  10. temmy tayo says:

    I know life isnt fair sha. It is a pity.

  11. mari says:

    So someone’s got a girlfriend?! Nice, Azuka…. 😉

  12. belle says:

    well hopefully she’ll read this and take a hint!!

  13. Jem says:

    lol …. eeyaaaa. but why? do you have some specific qualities or preferences that she does not have?

  14. Ms.zee says:

    You let them know immediately so you dont lose credibility with them..

  15. Jackal says:

    I would say as having experienced this from the other point of view it is not only delicate but painful.

  16. uzo says:

    YES IT IS…………….LOL

  17. pammy says:

    Well, you just have to tell her the truth no be so.

    Well, i just dropped by to let you know of a competition that is running at the africanloft.

    Pls, participate.

    Ps: 600 words is just a page..

  18. Kafo says:


    i need more


  19. Calabar Gal says:

    Not in that way huh? LOL!! Repent thou!! LOL!!

  20. Mrs Somebody says:

    Azuka is 18 years old.And when you are that young,there’s only one way to love.So Azuka dear what other way is your ‘that’ way?

  21. ejura says:

    Yes, what is “that” way? Please shed more light.

  22. ijeoma says:

    chei.. tell me about it..

  23. Ishtar says:

    Eagerly awaiting part II!

  24. Vera Ezimora says:

    So who loves who in that way?? Xpantiate pls

  25. Vera Ezimora says:

    oh, by the way, I’m back 2 blogger….I’m sure you have not been able 2 sleep without me. Well, worry not, Azuka, I’m here now.

  26. it is delicate… so handle it with extreme caution…

  27. Oracle says:

    I think it depends on your relationship with her, if she’s not a family member then maybe you can go with her.

    You also have to consider your girl, if you have any.
    If you don’t have a girlfriend and she’s not your family member, then you choose whether you like her enough to make her your girl or you just wanna keep it friendly.

  28. delilah 3 says:

    It happens all the time. Especially to me!!!!!

  29. Jaja says:

    delicate, yes…. handle with care…plus time can ake things clearer..

    I loved someone who loved me but not in that way…..

  30. Biodun says:

    Oya come and explain your self o!

  31. ejura says:

    Azuka, when will you give us the explanation now? Haba, how long should we wait? Pls update.

  32. ejura says:

    Azuka, when will you give us the explanation now? Haba, how long should we wait? Pls update!

  33. Oj says:

    It is…delicate

  34. Lucy Dee says:

    Yikes! I don’t want to even touch this one, even if I am a comedienne. There’s nothing funny about unrequited love. Hang in there, chap!

  35. Vera Ezimora says:


    Azuka, just because I do not love you in the way you love me does not mean that I don’t care 4 u. Someday, you’ll find some1 that loves you the way you love her…hopefully.

  36. nilla says:

    Yup it is…

    Longest time!!

  37. are you trying to tell us sumfink. Azuka, where have you been, dont make me come and give you a very dirty slap, my friend explain yourself..

  38. mochafella says:

    Its a delicate situation when Azuka refuses to …. update!!!

  39. Afropinay says:

    ha.. na wetin? I hope it iss not who I think it is.. hmm..
    Hope all is well I was beginning to think u fashied me, but I think i get the message.. Sorry havent been online.. I sent u an email the other day..

    Hope u are doing good.. Pele.. I miss u.. 🙂

  40. temmy tayo says:

    Just try falling in love.

  41. idemili says:

    Just try falling in love? Whatever for?

  42. nyemoni says:

    where r u azuka?

  43. Endi says:

    Its sooo delicate… like the boil that grows on the tongue. I share in your plight, that is of course, if its your plight!

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