I stood at the junction, trying to decide which way to go. Normally, it wouldn’t have taken more than a second for me to make that decision but that day was different.

I had just witnessed three senior students having an argument about the existence of ‘destiny.’ I wasn’t supposed to be listening, and such philosophical topics usually wouldn’t interest me, but for some reason it got me thinking.

What was the meaning of my existence?

Was every action I’d ever made or were the ones I was going to make in future predetermined?

If everything in my life was already mapped out, then did that mean every choice I’d ever made was part of my script? Was I… in some sort of play?

I think that was when I began to question deeply the existence of many things — God, the Devil, ‘chance’ and many other subjects, some more esoteric, others less.

What is destiny?

I’m still not sure today, and I no longer believe in the classic definition of destiny. About 90% of me has come to believe that that which we call destiny is created with our hands. The other 10% holds on to the more fatalistic view of predetermination.

There’s nothing to do, except hope that if the latter is correct, Whoever-it-was gave me a good role in the script.


  1. ejura says:

    I am suprised to read that you weren’t interested in “…such philosophical topics” when your writings seem very deep and philosophical in my opinion. Been a long time. How are you doing?
    About the destiny thing, I’ve wondered and still wonder. I think everybody does at some point.
    I like the way you ended it.
    “Whoever-it-was gave me a good role in the script”

    However, perhaps the role can sometimes be changed by the actor.

    Have a great day!

  2. uzo says:

    Philosophy and metaphysical studies fascinate me….

    On the issue of destiny..i have asked the same questions you have…

  3. Daddy's Girl says:

    It’s fantastic to see you nlogging again after a long hiatus. I’m running a writers’ Carnival on my blog, it starts on Wednesday this week – do participate by either sending in an entry (there’s still time, and even late entries will be accepted until all the slots are filled) to [email protected], or checking out the entries (and voting for your favourite). A prize will be won at the end of it all. Details are on my blog.

  4. Azuka says:

    I suppose that was in the past. I think more and more about such things these days, although joining a group of ‘philosophers’ or talking ‘philosophy’ still puts me off. Perhaps I hate the words a lot more than the thinking associated with them.

    You too? I’m glad I’m not alone…

    Daddy’s Girl
    Long time no see. I’ll try to think up something (I’m thinking of that as ‘atonement’ for suddenly vanishing into thin air).

  5. nyemoni says:

    Welcome back Azuka! Happy new year to you! I have asked the same questions about destiny, fate…etc…I think to myself, if I am destined to be whatever…what then is the point? I really do not believe in it now. I have come to the conclusion that your life will be what you make of it or what the situation around you makes of you…but it’s still all so confusing in the end….

  6. Jaycee says:

    First of all, happy new yr azuks…since u’ve refused to be on blogger for a long time now, lol.

    And onto the question of “destiny” and “existence,” what a coincidence that someone asked me the “destiny” question yesterday too.

    My answer: God created man and gave something called “free will” to each of us. Basically, our destinies lie in our hands…although God has pre-destined that our future will be great, it is up to us to live to that predestination.

    There’s an author who has given you a good role in the play of ur life, but u are the one acting the play out and u can either make a left turn or a right turn, as u so wish.

  7. Vickii says:

    Hey Azuka, how are you? How come you’ve been away for so long. Hmmm, it’s interesting because reading this, I realised that I’m don’t know what I think about fate versus free will. I know I believe somethign and I’m happy with what I believe but I’m not sure what that is … I’m going to think about it.

  8. yea, i had the same kind of debate before, and i concluded that for the most part everything is what we make it, but there are still plenty of things that we have no control over, (not necessarily preplanned in a script, but left up to dumb luck nonetheless). yea, there’s my realistic russian view again…… πŸ˜€

    good to see youre still alive, btw

  9. First off, welcome back azuka and happy new year to you. I guess uni was alittle more time consuming that you had originally estimated.. right?
    I’m believing all is well with you.

  10. Keshi says:

    hey Azuka rem me? πŸ™‚

    I believe in Destiny no matter what…cos I just know it!


  11. Oracle says:

    There sure is something called “Destiny”
    You may not believe it Azuka but the future is known.
    Your decisions might delay it but itz sure gonna happen

  12. Azuka says:

    Yeah, there’re always ‘what ifs’ now matter what you believe in.

    Excellent answer ;-). You’re a lot surer about things than I am.

    Happy New Year. Did I make you more confused?

    Hey! That dumb luck theory is what gives me the most shivers. It’s like using a machine to generate a random number. No matter how ‘random’ the results may appear to be, there’s always some controlling influence like say, system time.

    Life of a Stranger
    Happy New Year. Been a while since I stopped by your place. I’m doing okay…

    Of course I do ;-). So what’s your destiny?

    Hi man. Argggh, Would you call your visiting my blog and commenting on this post destiny? Just kidding.

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