Operating System Principles Assignment

In what way is an operating system like a government?

  1. It seldom functions correctly…

Enough said. I’m back.


  1. princesa says:

    Welcome Back and Happ new year!

  2. uzo says:

    Wow…welcome back and happy new year

  3. Boso says:

    Ha Ha !!

    Missed ya man, happy new year !!

  4. Bola says:

    Haha..Azuka made a joke!

  5. exschoolnerd says:

    My small rat is back!

    Happy new year…missed u!

  6. Azuka says:

    Happy New Year

    You Fedacad girls have such a bad image of me. Kai!

    Who’re you calling small rat? You’d better go and play with your dolls…

  7. Idemili says:

    My darling! Welcome back. Back for good or should I expect further wandering from you? I can deal, either way! How’s school?

  8. Azuka says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome. A certain blog has started publishing again. School’s been good so far — I planned a lot more for this semester afterall 😉

    Sorry to keep your blog in that very ugly state. My images got deleted on the file hosting service I used. When do you have time to rendezvous on MSN? I need to get copies of the image files to you and show you how to edit the template to replace the urls should this happen again.

  9. pixgremlin says:

    You took you’re blooming sweet time!! Welcome back.. hope everything is ok, or all that what not!! 🙂

  10. tosyn says:

    didnt know u were a blogger?
    with THREE active blogs?
    like the book club idea

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