Eyes and Glasses

I started leaving my seat to walk towards the board when I was four. As I grew older, I had to walk further and further. By the time I was eight, I was going all the way to the board.

I can’t remember the times before that — what my sight was like before I became short-sighted. I like to imagine the world looked the way it does as I see it whenever I put on my glasses today — bright and colorful.

“You mean you can’t see that?” people with 20/20 vision ask me sometimes. Then they point to someone standing just a little distance away and ask the stupid question, “Can you see the guy standing over there?”

Of course I can — I’m not blind!

The world through my eyes is different. I squint to make out text not too far away — sometimes I have to close my right eye as my left is slightly better. Because I find it difficult to make out faces from afar, I recognize people by their other features — gait, complexion, figure, voice…even dressing. I make guesses when ordering at Wendy’s or McDonald’s because I can’t read the displays.

It’s not altogether a life of woe. Looking out of the window when driving past accidents, it is indeed a blessing not to be able to make out all the gore. Not joining the peculiar group of guys who peeked up girls’ skirts because I wouldn’t have seen a thing anyway — not unless I brought my face to within 30cm or less of the focus (and perhaps received a couple of slaps for my effort).

My glasses kept getting broken — I got them when I was quite young, and thought I looked ‘cool’ wearing them while playing football. More often than not I was without them while they got fixed, or replaced, and have pretty much gotten used to living without them.

Here’s to the bright, wonderful world I see with my glasses on — and to the many ‘evils’ I’m spared from seeing without them.

I’m still in and out. Work, school, more work. We’ll see what we can do about all that.


  1. Boso says:

    Hey man, hope you’re doing well. Take care…

  2. dara says:

    OMG! someone who can relate. this is exactly what i’ve been going thru all my life. i’ve worn glasses since i was 7 (i’m now 27). and my vision just gets worse! i used to hide my glasses and break them so i wouldn’t have to wear them…they were embarrassing, esp. when i played basketball. thx for posting…i sympathize with you.


  3. yayi says:

    LOL at the guessing games when ordering at McDonalds. Life would be simpler to experience if we are spared the evils of human beings.
    Its really nice how you could appreciate your short sightedness and see it as a tremendous blessing in disguise. To other people its like a disability that they complain and whine about all the time.

  4. belle says:

    lol at thinking it cool to wear glasses while playing football.

    to be honest with you, i have a thing for men with glasses… for some reason i still correlate glasses to smarts :-/ at one point, i even bought a pair of fake ones… but didn’t get any compliments, so i retired them. lol

  5. I love men with glasses, my MR. wears one and he looks sexy as hell with it. I missed u wen i was in 9ja, what have u been up to with ur intelligent self?

  6. princesa says:

    Coming from that perspective, short sighhtedness suddenly seemed sooo cool!

  7. Oladipo MD says:

    I cant relate to the post, I have never used glasses except for the occasional … (someone please fill that in, i got a block)

    Anyway, uhmm, carry on. Ok.

  8. Catwalq says:

    Mr. Bright Eyes…
    I used to wish I wore glasses. Now I thank God, he did not listen to me and make me do so.
    i mean, to keep my shades on is torture. start to have a headache. the bridge of my nose starts to itch. etc

  9. Daddy's Girl says:

    Love this post, especially the last line… great choice of words… bravo.

  10. Akin Aworan says:

    Dude, I can relate. I actually can’t see that far off and I have to squint like Clint Eastwood. Always drives the missus mad. So now, I’m on a daily regime of carrots!

  11. uzo says:

    Can i say Thank God for contact lens and eventually Lasik….Being short sighted is a bother

  12. tbaby says:

    Y don’t u try lasik.. might be expensive but the result it amazing.. though cos u are used to having glasses,it may not be an issue with u

  13. Oracle says:

    I haven’t been here in a thousand years.
    Azuka, whassup

    How have you been?

  14. Mrs Somebody says:

    I had always thought that wearing glasses was cool.

  15. Jaycee says:

    Dearie, hope ur eyes get better. Don’t squint too much now…

  16. Kafo says:

    I feel your pain jare
    i am in the same boat

  17. Carina says:

    Wow… I never knew this! But, I must say that it’s good news to hear that someone else knows how I see the world, for I too am far-sighted. I am also color-blind; that throws a nice spin on things… 😉

  18. laspapi says:

    After reading ‘Eze goes to school’, I craved glasses but grew out of that desire after a while. Staring at computers for long periods does something to my vision now and I think I’m starting to lose the 20/20 thing where very small print is concerned but not enough to need glasses yet. You’ve done well.

  19. amaraeee says:


    Have you tried seeing without your eyes and your glasses…remove your glasses and then close your eyes? You see a lot more clearly, you choose what to focus on and you see deep eithin your soul and spirit and that is the best.

    People call it meditation…I am wary of the word…really there is a world of sight without our eyes but I am glad I have both eyes and glasses …most importantly I have the deep eyes of my soul.

  20. AZUKA, AZUKA, AZUKA How many time did I call you? Where are you? Where are you hidding.. u berra come and report to me sharp sharp…….hmmmmmmmmmm. hmmmmmmmmmmm.. hmmmmmmmmm how many times did I hmmmmmmmmmm?

    How have you been hm?

  21. vickii says:

    Lol, this is cool, an homage to your glasses and eyesight. I too am very grateful for my sight and all the amazing things I have seen and see everyday, and the fact that I can close my eyes when I might not want to see something!

  22. Bona says:

    What’s wrong with u buddy? You’ve not been loading some stuff anymore.

  23. cider says:

    It’s been eons since ur last post!

  24. uzo says:

    Happy New Year….So arent u blogging anymore?

  25. Jem says:

    its a new year oooo…. we rebuke writer’s block. Pls come back soon!

  26. Afropinay says:

    Happy Nu year 🙂 *rolls eyes*

  27. Oracle says:

    Azuka, where on earth are you?
    Are you still alive?

    Happy new year

  28. Afrobabe says:

    I wore glasses too and it so wasn’t funny being asked if you could see ppl…

  29. GamineChic says:

    started wearing glasses in ss3

    i always thought i was normal

    until i couldnt see a word on the black board!

    i guess all my years of sitting with my nose touching the tv and computer screen took its toll!

    evryone tells me

    i will get them but ive always liked glasses

    i have a ‘thing’ for cute people who were them
    guys especially!

  30. Nice one. I like it.

    Makes one actually…. think. Good.

  31. adeb says:

    uhm,,,,,,,,great talent! I am quit impressed, Nigerians write so bueatifully well………….
    Keep it up.

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