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ExamDirect, Authware

With little to do to keep me busy, I think the time has come for me to overhaul two scripts I wrote. I installed a development wiki but haven’t done anything worth putting up there. I’ve already come up with a design for Authware — I’ll be posting it on my writing site when I’m […]

Is PHP Dead?

I’ve had some people try to pull me onto the RoR train in the past, saying it’s the hottest thing around. Others have pointed Flex as the way forward. I’m just not so sure about things anymore. Trust me, I’ve worked with the .NET framework both in and out of the web context and the […]

Debian and Slackware

I’m a very very ‘new bie’ on the Linux block. Due to my annoying hardware and unique architecture (thanks to eMachines), I have found it extremely hard to run Linux on my machine — especially the network and display. I’ve done a lot of research on the internet and the way to go seems to […]

Logs, AuthWare

I’m feeling very lazy these days — I haven’t touched AuthWare in quite a while because I’ve been trying to do my research on writing a plugin system. The consensus seems to be that it’s highly complex, so for now I’ll forget about plugins. 1 & 1 is driving me crazy. I don’t like the […]

Linux — Why?

I jumped on the open source bandwagon because of the freedom it offers, but as my blog attests, only three distros have been able to work on my system — Fedora Core 5, MEPIS and Knoppix. Mandriva detected the wrong screen resolution for a while. I’ve come to realize that my system is both 64-bit […]

Windows Vista: A Tale of Woe

Poor Microsoft. Everyone expects them to be super-perfect at doing everything. Little wonder when I got my key to the Windows Vista Beta 2, I downloaded both the 32 and 64-bit versions to two of my last three blank DVDs. The first thing I thought of when I saw the welcome screen was a Mac […]