Linux — Why?

I jumped on the open source bandwagon because of the freedom it offers, but as my blog attests, only three distros have been able to work on my system — Fedora Core 5, MEPIS and Knoppix. Mandriva detected the wrong screen resolution for a while.

I’ve come to realize that my system is both 64-bit [which requires a fair amount of tweaking] and comes with lots of useless hardware — XWindows doesn’t work because I’m too much of a newbie to configure it.

I’ve got a pile of Linux CDs as well as some DVDs — you’d think I’m a Linux hacker, but I don’t really understand much beyond ls, mount, mkdir, and cd [which is the same on Windows].

Hopefully, I should be able to save some money and get a different PC — I’m too scared of Vista as it is. Vista is bulky and, forget the breath-taking effects and annoying prompts, I don’t like the memory hog.


  1. rush3k says:

    hacking linux is always pleasant … then it gets tiring. you should try ubuntu linux, i used the breezy badger edition throughout the whole of last year, awesome experience.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I ordered the Breezy Badger too but I had problems using it – only those three mentioned distros work with 64-Bit systems – something I consider to be a curse of 64-bit systems.

    I’m scraping together some money to get a 32-bit one.

  3. rush3k says:

    Azuka, I’ll think that a program written for a 32-bit system should work faster on a 64-bit machine … and if it doesnt, I bet there’s a linux hack for it. I once used a 64-bit Dell w/ a Xeon processor as a PC … waste of resources ehh? LOL .. it was a monster though, I tell you that …

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