Debian and Slackware

I’m a very very ‘new bie’ on the Linux block. Due to my annoying hardware and unique architecture (thanks to eMachines), I have found it extremely hard to run Linux on my machine — especially the network and display.

I’ve done a lot of research on the internet and the way to go seems to be either of Debian and Slackware. I’m currently downloading the Debian DVDs from the University of Illinois HTTP Mirror, and I have all the ISOs of Slackware n my PC, awaiting burning.

I’m particularly interested in developing for Linux — seeing ‘guru posts’ like Xcomputerman‘s on Enlightenment sure gets me excited. My problem has always been my hardware. I’m thinking of building myself a system from scratch — that way I don’t face the myriad problems I’m currently facing with a rare nVIDIA board and an even rarer eMachines model (w3107) that isn’t even featured on the product list. It’s quite funny that many of the incoming hits to my blog are by people looking for W3107 drivers on Google — that should show you what’s going on. I’m beginning to go off at a tangent :lol:.

Hopefully, I should get a few jobs on RentACoder (haven’t gotten any yet) and finance a new system with the proceeds. Heck, I’ve not been doing any .NET Client/Server network programming because I have no client. Again, I’m beginning to deviate :lol:.

I’m hoping for extreme luck as I join the Linux crew because my command vocabulary is limited to stuff like su, ls, mkdir, mount, rpm (during my Fedora — or is it Stetson — woes) and… I’m beginning to think I know a lot :lol:.

Another boring post from me — ha! :roll:.


  1. Thanks Chxta. Unfortunately, I did. I ordered the Breezy Badger CD and ended up giving every single one out.

    I spent a lot of time talking to one of the resident gurus on Nairaland — jogego — and on the Ubuntu forums. My problems never got resolved — my system is that annoying [next time I’ll build my system myself — that’s the downside of custom-built PCs].

    I ordered Kubuntu 64-Bit this time — let’s see where it goes.

  2. Chxta says:

    What was the problem?

  3. By God’s Grace you can help in my search for Geophysical/Geological jobs. Thank you.

  4. c0dec says:

    slack rules

  5. Insperatus says:

    Hi, just stumbled across your post while looking for a way to get Linux running on this here W3107 machine…ever have any luck with your’s? I was unsuccessful with Edgy Eft.

  6. Azuka says:

    Sure. I’ve tried out several distros on my machine. MEPIS, Kubuntu (32 and 64-bit), Knoppix, Morphix, and Xandros are some of the ones I tried and they worked.

    I currently run Fedora Core 64-bit and it works seamlessly. It’s the only distro I found could detect all my hardware — especially sound. There’ll be an invisible mouse problem (due to the nVIDIA driver) which can be fixed by reading this thread on FedoraForums.

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