Summer I

I’ve been doing nothing lately except loaf around on Nairaland and sleep. Yesterday was the Fourth of July but I only got to see fireworks going off at the armory sometime around 10pm last night. I’ve got very slow reflexes so I wasn’t able to take any useful pictures — luckily, I’m using a digicam, not film.

I’ve been frantically looking up my grades on my Mountain State student account because something told me I’d get a B in English 101. I never got on fine with Professor Irfan and I didn’t turn in any rough drafts or accept the points I got gratis from the MSU Writing Club. With my heart beating today, I logged on and checked my grades.

Yipee — I made an A! I hope I maintain my All-A status till I graduate.

Summer II’s starting today and I have the same Professor Irfan. Gosh, I hate her tangential, know-it-all talking. I think she knows I disapprove.


  1. biola says:

    wow!! congrats…lol.. u know it totally sucks wen ure not feeling ur prof…i ave this problem in zoology..damn!! but its all good though

  2. Well, we met yesterday and she was quite cordial. I think I’m beginning to have a new outlook on life.

    I do like her — it’s just her methods I do not like, and she talks nineteen to the dozen… 😉

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