‘Great hitting today, man!’ Jim slapped me gently on the back. ‘You’re a long ways better’n when you first came — ask anybody.’ He drew out the ‘anybody’ – aaaanybody.

I shook my head sadly.

‘Why’re you looking discouraged my man? You hit pretty good!’ he exclaimed, punching my shoulder.

I smiled, as we pushed the ping pong table towards the storage area.

‘How come you don’t talk?’ he asked. ‘You ever curse?’

I shook my ahead — the day Azuka curses aloud, that will be the day.

‘Come on, talk, curse — let me hear you,’ he insisted.

I laughed. It sems everywhere I go, people want to get me to talk, which is quite funny. I’m too quiet, everyone says, but what do I think?

I prefer to listen to people while they talk — when I do decide to talk, I go off like lightning, leaving my audience far behind. I think it’s best I stay mute.

I think people get uncomfortable around me because they find themselves doing all the talking — I need to build my communication skills, and probably go out more.


  1. Lizzy says:

    Im glad u’ve made that decision.

    TALK! That’s why u have mouth. mmkay?? And u can’t even type a ‘curse word’, they say u SAY it, I’ll kill chicken for You. Serious…!!

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