Junk Food

I do not find it surprising that most addicted programmers including me are connoisseurs of junk food. In front of my scren, there’s got be to be a ‘snack’ somewhere — forget how appreciative I am of well-cooked food.

I’m supposed to be on a diet [now don’t laugh :mad:] but for some reason, today my stomach was about to collapse inwards. I got a donut and chased it down with Sprite — and I’m still rumbling inside.

Spend 18 hours in front of your screen and you’ll begin to appreciate the goodness of junk food — junk food rocks.


  1. Lizzy says:

    Tell that to the maloo’s.

    Junk food rocks? Uhmm, come to think of it… Junk foods could be life savers. lol.. But dont eat it junk food everyday. U’ll get fat! And BIG!

    Maybe cos u r a guy sha, but as a girl, uhmmph.. Junk food is out of the question.

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