Logs, AuthWare

I’m feeling very lazy these days — I haven’t touched AuthWare in quite a while because I’ve been trying to do my research on writing a plugin system. The consensus seems to be that it’s highly complex, so for now I’ll forget about plugins.

1 & 1 is driving me crazy. I don’t like the way the logs for my domain are being generated. “/” refers to azuka.zatechcorp.com/, books.zatechcorp.com/, zatechcorp.com/ etc in my log files so it’s pretty hard to analyze my stats. I feel like getting their support staff and breaking their heads, because I’m very angry at the annoying customer support.

I’ve always shunned .htaccess files for doing anything but this time, I tried setting the CustomLogs directive in the folder housing th emain domain. It threw a 500 internal server error and I’m sorely aggrieved. I’m sending an e-mail to them now — let’s hear what they say :mad:.

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