Vigilante forces are always in the Nigerian news — especially concerning kidnapping or threatening oil workers and companies. I thought it safe to assume I’d be able to get material on the way they behave.

So far, my post on Nairaland has gotten very few replies and the only portrayals the media has of these people is that they’re barbaric.

So little is known about them, that I don’t find it surprising they strike and don’t get apprehended. If my googling doesn’t get me anything concrete, I’m afraid I’ll have to cook up something however untrue it may be.

Apologies to the vigilantes.


  1. Lizzy says:

    I think it’s okay to ‘cook up’ something, afterall u know what the vigilantes are. U have an idea, adding some salt and pepper to it wouldn’t do anyone harm, would it?

  2. Thanks Lizzy. I’ve been putting off getting back to my book for a while but I’ll soon revisit it.

    Hopefully, I’ll be working all day today at the library. Plenty of time to write.

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