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I really didn’t know how to start this piece. There were so many ideas, so many themes to explore, and so little time to spend planning things out. In many ways, it’s like most of my writing — spontaneous, with the cursory punctuation and grammar check afterwards. My reading and writing have always been tied […]


He rolled over, suddenly aware he wasn’t alone. Dark-brown eyes met his, mysterious, but surprisingly tender. “Who’re you?” he asked the woman sharing his bed. He could not remember bringing anyone home the night before. “Willie-Willie,” came the reply. He had heard that name before, but as he racked his brain for just where, the […]


Someone nudged me and I turned to look, keeping my hand firmly in my pocket, determined not to lose my wallet while being jostled around in the after-work crush at the bus stop. “The lady in that car’s calling you,” the man standing beside me pointed. My gaze followed his finger to the blue Golf […]

Imagine a life without walls

(This is the unedited text from a 10-minute writing session last Friday). There were no walls as far as the eyes could see. Not only were there no walls, there was also an absence of anything that could have served as a wall — rocks, boulders, tall grass. I had been here for three days, […]

Other Half

When she looked up from the book she was reading, her mouth opened wide in a soundless scream as she jumped to her feet. It seemed like just a moment had passed since she last checked on him, but her son was sitting in the street, completely oblivious to the large truck bearing down on […]


I woke up drenched with cold perspiration, instinctively not daring to move. I felt something cold against my bare feet. Its feel was ticklish, and in another time and place I would have wiggled my toes and laughed but again, something kept me still. Whatever it was moved slowly up my thigh. I looked down […]