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While I work on my article on my perceptions of the Nigerian police, I thought I’d keep the update hounds at bay with this. I first saw her on my second visit to the nightclub. There was something commanding about her presence and I watched her with more than intrigue as I sipped on my […]


I knew trouble when I saw it. Trouble at that moment was Nneka pushing her way through the dancing guests towards me. I had no idea what she wanted but it definitely wasn’t peace. We were at the reception of one of my friends who tied the knot that morning. I wasn’t surprised to see […]


We sat glowering over our glasses at each other. A muscle twitched in his jaw and he was holding his glass so tightly I thought it would explode in his hand. Sarah returned from the Ladies’ and took her seat between us. There were the beginnings of a smile on her lips and I guessed […]

From the past

‘Kai!’ the Fulani herdsman exclaimed at something he had been thinking about. He stuck his tongue between his teeth and ejected a straight stream of saliva. It landed some distance away. He was standing on one leg, his thin wiry and weatherbeaten frame looking fragile against the backdrop of blue sky and green savanna grass. […]

The Family

I’ve been getting calls to update. The culprits haven’t exactly used the word ‘update’ but I got the idea. Since I’m currently facing a bout of blogger’s block (there’re some interesting things going on but they’re too private to share) I’ll just put up one of my book ideas from the past. This is part […]

Domestic Abuse

I’ve been having a series of nightmares for the past few days, and somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, this story formed. I didn’t go too graphic here, and I hope I never have to rewrite it to be graphic. It had been a busy day at the office. I walked in, half-expecting […]