I woke up drenched with cold perspiration, instinctively not daring to move. I felt something cold against my bare feet. Its feel was ticklish, and in another time and place I would have wiggled my toes and laughed but again, something kept me still.

Whatever it was moved slowly up my thigh. I looked down and there it was — a big, black reptile slithering up my body, its forked pink tongue flicking in and out of its mouth. Goosebumps broke out on my skin and the sweating increased.

Our eyes met — man and animal — and I saw something cold and evil in the beast’s eyes. The light went out and I was alone with the snake.

I screamed.

I’ll soon focus on writing only on my writing site. The code now accepts comments and is a lot more robust although we still have a lot of features lacking. Why not read what I have so far on The Farce?


  1. Ugodaniels says:

    And then you woke and lo and behold, it was a horrible nightmare.

  2. niiiiiice…….

    your writing keeps improving with every piece…….

  3. Boso says:

    LOL, nice one. Now tell us it was all a dream.

  4. Azuka says:

    Actually, I didn’t wake up ;-).


    Well, it wasn’t — it’s just a piece I wrote during some freewriting at the writing club here.

  5. please tell me it was a dream…
    cause that is quite scary.. damn

  6. nilla says:

    Nice and scary!

  7. uzo says:

    Oh i love this…So great and short and scary and gripping….

  8. Kafo says:


    mii i am scared ooo


    what’s next

  9. Keshi says:

    OMG is this for REAL?????


  10. Afropinay says:

    No wonder you were crying that day..
    I like the way you wrote it.. Nice..:)

  11. Azuka says:

    No it wasn’t a dream — it was imagination!

    In my head and around me, Nilla

    Thanks. Snakes sure creep me out!

    I thought you were used to me by now. There’s nothing left oh!

    Nah, of course not :-D.

    Crying which day? You don start again :-p

  12. nyemoni says:

    Azuka, you have a very active mind… whatever will you think up next? Interesting…

  13. confused naija girl says:

    is this true?
    anyway good writing skills

  14. exschoolnerd says:

    this was nice

  15. that one na dream or story????????if na story den men you can write if na dream make u quickly go pray kita kita

  16. princess says:

    I bow for ur imagination o!Why did u have to be imagining stuff like dat?? Methinks u have been watching too many jungle thrillers.
    Nice though, would love to know what happened after the scream.

  17. Catwalq says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…

    Whose farm did u cross unasked to be sharing yourbed with night crawlers, ehn?

  18. mac says:

    slither00s– you’ve gotta love em. BTW-welcome back 😉

  19. Ejura says:

    Good piece Azuka! But i don’t know which one would scare me more-a reptile crawling up my legs or a cockroach doing same.How I fear roaches!

  20. Ejura says:

    Or maybe the reptile will meet the roach on their journey up my leg and in anger, the reptile will devour the roach, then satisfied with the roach’s taste,the reptile would slither back down and go jump on my room mate.He he he!

  21. xcomp says:

    Eeek. Posted the comment on the wrong post. Now I head downstairs to take my meds.

  22. Azuka says:

    Thanks. There’s a lot of crazy things running around in my mind.

    Confused naija girl
    No it isn’t.


    Well, to tell the truth, I’ve had even more terrifying dreams involving snakes in the past.

    Jungle thrillers? I can’t remember watching any. After the scream, whatever goes on is left to the mind of the reader. 😉

    The last time I crossed a farm was three years ago.

    Then we shall trade — my snake for your cockroach. At least I know how to deal with a roach!

    Moved your comment to the right post.

  23. Naija Dude! says:

    ewwwwwww…u made me scream! dude u are a awesome writer, I guess u’ve been told lots of times eh!

  24. Biodun says:

    I will go read whot u have written on “The farce” This piece was excellent, a lil scary too, lol

  25. temmy tayo says:

    Thank God say na dream o.

  26. idemili says:

    I rather like snakes…

  27. simplycider says:

    Well that was interesting. I’ll proceed to ask, I love writing stories, but is it ok to post them on a blog page?(Arent they meant 4 personal, day-2-day stuff??)
    Anyhow, feel free to drop by http://cidersweet.blogspot.com
    and make my day!

  28. mrs somebody says:

    Azuka our 21st century Wole Soyinka.Are you warming up to receive your nobel prize in literature?’cause you are on your way there…………keep writing your good stuff.

  29. Azuka says:

    Naija Dude
    Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you’ve gotten over that experience?

    Ha ha. I’m glad I got the scary part right.

    Temmy Tayo
    No be dream oh! Na imagination.

    Not bad. Some people’d probably be horrified at the fact that I’m in love with cats!

    Simply Cider
    Well, blogs have no specified format.

    Mrs Somebody
    My head is swelling oh!

  30. Good fiction. Now that you imagined it, I won’t be surprised if you dream it later.

  31. jaja says:

    This is good, Azuka. very Good.

    Its my first read from your blog.

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