ExamDirect, Authware

With little to do to keep me busy, I think the time has come for me to overhaul two scripts I wrote. I installed a development wiki but haven’t done anything worth putting up there.

I’ve already come up with a design for Authware — I’ll be posting it on my writing site when I’m done with it. For now, I’m still planning my code architecture. The plan is to have nearly nearly every function callback a series of functions if a plugin has registered its functions as executing before or after, or replacing another function. Of course, the core ones won’t be subject to this rule. I’ll be dumping all my classes except my Db abstraction layer. I intend to test for SQL Server 2005, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

I’ll also be modifying ExamDirect and giving it a new name — what it’s going to be, I don’t know. My ‘oga’ back at CAD Consulting hasn’t contacted me for a long time — I suppose he’s still battling Michelin. I think Examdirect will be released as a commercial-grade piece. There are a lot of security holes in the current implementation and the design is horrible because I lifted it directly from the MTN site. Well, I’ll be doing a very clean rewrite as well as redesign to get something very uncluttered and accessible. My outlook on design, PHP security and AJAX have changed within the past few days.

Hopefully, these two projects should keep me busy for the next few months or so.

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