Transferring to a different school has been an idea rolling in my mind right from time. A friend I’ll call Rock told me MSU’s not for me. Another guy [let’s call him Kofi] had a discussion with me today. When I told him I was contemplating transferring, he said,’That’s the wisests thing I’ve heard you say!’ It was daunting to say the least.

I know I’m not MIT material but this guy seems to think I ought to go there, or somewhere ‘important’ — not poor old MSU that grants scholarships to only basketball players [we have a great team here]. I’ll just wait and see — something like this requires lots of rumination.

In other news, I’ve been prancing around on a very high horse for a while. I think it’s high time I maintained a low profile and learn all I can [gives Azuka a hard ‘konck’ on the head].


  1. mo says:

    Whoa! With the start of the new semester this is certainly quite a bit to bite off. I know you can chew it though. *smile* Someone once said that a decision should not be judged on its outcome but on the manner of contemplation, so take your time and be very truthful. Also be mindful of your timespan & deadlines. Best, mo

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