I'm updating my life and moving on to some other things. I've been very lax with everything for a while. Presently, it seems I'm receiving freelance projects with a bit of regularity. I finally broke the RentACoder jinx last week and earned about $34 on a WordPress theme customization.

Work on Authware still continues, but it appears I won't have anything concrete until October, given my lackadaisical approach to things of late -- I haven't been writing, coding or even reading anything useful. Somehow, I manage to make time go by swiftly while achieving nothing.

I've fallen in love... No it's not what you're thinking. Ikezi sent me a link to a Swedish song he listened to in Amsterdam. It's by Basshunter and it's called Boten Anna. I just kept playing it over and over today.

Here's a good view of it from Youtube.

(I need my page to validate as XHTML 1.1 so I can't use an <embed> tag for Netscape users. I'm sorry)

There's a slower-loading one with multi-language subtitles at


  1. Christabelle says:

    I guess you have some homework to do on time managemnet then, well actuall e verybody does.

    “I manage to make time go by swiftly while achieving nothing”

    You kind of hit the nail on the head by that statement, I’m wondering whether thats what I’m doing too.

  2. belle says:

    17?!!!! Wow.. i’m impressed by this site.. great job on it.

    As for the song..i just couldn’t get with! I’ll play it again and see though…

    PS. Thank you so much for visiting my site…and for the lovely comment.

  3. Hmmm, Belle and Christabelle — that’s interesting ;). Thanks for the comments and for dropping by too.

  4. Afropinay says:

    Lol.. Shey thats the thign you gave me yesterday? I love the beat honestly.. I want to tell you I know a bot and Anna don become bot abi.. its a nice song plus its swedish..Ive always love sweden, so thats plus points for your bot
    Did you say $34, Abeg, wire me my commission, remember I was ur consultant for a while.. lol.. Sounds like good news though.. thats great..

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