Looking back over this year, I realize how much I’ve changed. All my shirts I came with over here are screaming to be let go. I was slightly over 5ft 11 when I came — I’m now approaching 6ft 1 and my trousers are ‘scared of the ground.’ I’ll be needing new jeans.

The changes are not only physical — I’ve come to appreciate myself for what I am, instead of trying to conform to the norm. Goodbye to trying to talk. I’ll remain quiet old Azuka.

Today’s my little brother Uche’s birthday — the funny thing is I don’t have any picture of him [I’ll need to request one from back home]. I think he’s 13 now and trying to get into SS1. When do these small boys of yesterday grow up?

Haven’t heard from my big brother [everyone including my mom calls him ‘Chief’ :D] for quite a while. I’ll need to rush off an e-mail.

I had a presentation last week and I made sure to use notes, despite what my cocky self told me not to. My voice [I talk very quietly] as usual, let me down and I was slightly nervous but I still managed to get good reviews — apparently, my classmates were impressed. Dr Bonifer even talked to me after the class, because she was excited when I talked about my reading exploits.

I’m still trying to learn how to handle money. I’ve got some money sitting in my RentACoder account, and some in Paypal [still waiting for my Paypal debit card]. I made a bid this morning — haven’t gotten it yet, but I’m already spending the money in my head [poor me].

Library work is still boring, but I’ll survive.


  1. Afropinay says:

    Changing.. hmm as long as its for the better, from your posts, they all seem to be improvements.. so I commend you.. See thats what yu call progression.but its gradually, one step at a time.
    Yu grew taller, hmm I wish I could still grow taller.:( Youhave to change ur wardrobe? nice idea.. most gurls would wish they were you.
    Your brother’s b-day is one day before Biolas.

    and Goodluck on your presentations again. By the end of the year, I shud hear good news oh.. as in good news.. so I dey wait.

    Handle money, make I come help you handle am.. yu would call me a stingy person.. hahaha.. Filter and block on ur browser like i told u. Good to read sha..

  2. Christabelle says:

    yes oo, i second Afropinay, change as far as it for the beta is
    always a welcome dev. A big happy birthday to ur lirul bros too.

    As for the money wahala, its a general disease, just need self

    Hey! whatever r u doing in a comm class if ure shy? hehehehe!
    Anyway am just plain glad ur presntation was superb. Great boy!!

  3. Biodun says:

    I wish I could grow a couple of inches, o well, guess ur still
    @ that age growing, I feel u on d comments about ur brotha, couldnt
    recognise mine after 6 yrs. Have fun with ur presentation n thanks for
    stopping by my blog!

  4. Thanks for dropping by Biodun — trust me, sometimes you hate to be tall. But I’d rather be tall than have most ladies taller than me. That’s one male chauvinistic streak I haven’t let go.

    Christabelle, thanks for the encouragement. Communications 304 is a requirement at my university. I figured if I had to take it, then I’d better take it now.

    Afropinay, you actually wish to grow taller? Interesting… As for the wardrobe changing, I always tease ladies about how much they love shopping for new clothes. For me, I slap on anything that fits. Maybe that’s why I’m still single.

  5. Lizzy says:

    Hello Azuka.
    Yeah, forgive me but i haven’t been one of ur religious readers. Anyways, it’s not my fault. But i still come here when i get a chance to.

    Changing changing changing. Now u know what’s funny. I was just sitting here thinking about how i’ve changed too. I was thinking about how people arround me have changed. Some changed for good, while others, well.. u know the opposite.

    Just after i thought about the whole ‘changing’ issue. I checked my bookmarks and clicked on ur blog.

    Haaa guess what i first saw? CHANGING! lol. . . I was like, Can u believe this shit. (excuse my french).

    Well we are all changing, and u know one permanent thing amongst us human beings is that WE CHANGE.
    Ohh, ur brother must be a smart kid like you. 13 years old in S.S.S 1. Well just to blow a bit of my trumpet, i was 13 in S.S.3. lol. Happy birthday to ur brother.

    WOw, i cant picture myself standing beside you. I’ll look so short. Well if im to include my 4 inches shoe. ……. ohh wait, you’d still be taller than ME!. Hmm… If only ping pong was basketball. 🙂

    Appreciate the changes in you darling. Talk to you later.

  6. Lizzy says:

    Ohh snap. I meant S.S.2. Please i wasn’t genius or anything like that. lol

  7. Hmmm, Lizzy you’ve started writing longer stuff. Welcome back, and thanks.

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