I was just going over something today ans came across SQLite. Nope — it’s not that I just discovered it — I mean, I initially planned to start using it way back since last year, but I obviously needed a book to remind me that it existed.

I’m working on a lightweight database abstraction layer [now you’d ask me ‘what for?’] for Authware, and I think I’m going to use SQLite for my local installation — at least just to get a feel of things. Currently, I’m working with PostgreSQL and MySQL without any incidents. PHP5 rocks — I can’t imagine how much code I had to write when PHP 4 was still the ‘in thing.’

Anyway, things are looking good. I see a dangerous, sharp curve ahead but I’ll deal with that when I get to it.

Back to SQLite. I haven’t tested its performance yet, but I’m still wondering if the single-file databases won’t be a problem — we writers sure can come up with a lot of junk when we choose to. Face it, I hate writing functions in MySQL — but I’m already in love with sqlite_create_function() and sqlite_create_aggregate()… even without having ever used them :D.

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