To Scorn a Lady

I was recently contacted by a lady I once worked with during the summer semesters this year. I know I’m not a good coder, so she must have been pretty hard up for one to work on Joomla.

We didn’t part on the best of terms, so I was a bit surprised when I saw an e-mail from her in an ‘old friend’ tone, literally talking to me like we’ve been friends forever. I never use the term, but this time I have to say I was sorely pissed.

I know I was wrong in the way I handled several things with her, but she also went back on her word, and money matters are a touchy subject with me — especially when we agreed on $15 an hour and she told me it was $12 when pay time came round. I got a rather poor review on Scriptlance which doesn’t bother me much — what still rankles is that we worked outside Scriptlance and she then posted a rating for projects that had nothing to do with it.

Well, in retrospect, I’ve learned to move on. The ratings have never affected me — for some reason I’ve won nearly every project I’ve bid on since then. As usual I deliver very speedily, usually within half my bid time — for example everyone else bids 4-7 days on a WordPress theme. I bid a day, promise delivery in 12 hours, and deliver in 6.

I must admit I made much of my placement exams — I didn’t have to read for them eventually –, and left her hanging in the middle of three projects.

I was told this was the essence of American backbiting — negative comments behind me and all sweet words when communicating. For [fill this in]’s sake, if you’ve got something negative to say about me, at least tell me to my face — I actually love hearing those because I get to think and improve — but when you say A to me and go behind my back and say B, I usually write you off as an insincere person.

When we had our confrontation yesterday, it was basically a meeting of two people who’ve wronged each other, but refuse to apologize — that much I must admit. I’d really have loved to work with her again, setting my time and all that, but call me a male chauvinist, saying ‘No’ was a pleasure.

I’ve heard hell hath no fury like a lady scorned — I’m yet to see that.


  1. Emeka says:

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    Niaja, I think u can do it, try it out and have fun.
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  2. Afropinay says:

    Aawww.. see my Azuka oh.. Chei. This is not good to hear.. Hmm Azuka, listen, im sorry, its just bad it has to be a lady who treated you that way. We are all human beings and Welcome to the world as regards backbiting,Worthless and insincere people.
    See as long as u did the job well and perfecto, trust me, you shud smile, smile a lot, cos yu have laid down your own legacy.
    As for her, thats what she probably does up and down, sayign this and saying another thing at the back. It will come back to haunt her.
    Ma worry.. just move on and let it go. let it be a source of motivation to you.


  3. Dipo Tepede says:

    Afropinay has said it all.

    Thanx for stopping by at my site!

  4. Lynn Tucker says:

    When you were working with her last she was non professional. She does not have business integrety. If she was a good business woman she would have had the terms laid out in black and white on paper with a firm committment.

    By no means think that her choices are the right way to do business.
    The only thing you have learned from her is to get all correspondence in writing and all terms in writing always, so you can cover your butt.

    She came to you because she burned her bridges with everyone else and she figured your bridge could still handle a bit of weight. Well she just dropped a Faux Pas that weighs 70kg on what was left of the tattered bridge you had.

    Don’t do bad busines with bad people. You are worth more than that.
    (also if she is crazy she may intend to set you up to fail so she can show the failure off and slander your business name)

  5. Thanks for dropping by Lynn — I appreciate it. I’ve decided to forget her.

  6. Adeolu says:

    Interesting…two questions
    1. What kind of work do you do on wordpress? I’ll like to know if there’s something I can be interested in.

    2. This lady, maybe you need to sit down and talk things out. I have learnt that no matter how thin we cut it, it always has two sides.



  7. gift says:

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