Changing Compilers

I updated my archaic DevC++ installation today — and holy of holies, I couldn’t compile something I was working on. I decided to try out a “Hello World” program, but I still couldn’t compile. I was beginning to think the problem was from several installations I made recently so I uninstalled them — the errors thrown only changed.

I shutdown XP and booted to Vista, installing the DevC++ compiler again, and facing the same errors. Some simple research on the net told me I wasn’t the only one having DevC+ woes. Thanks to Google, I discovered Codeblocks but the MingW/GCC compiler still threw a lot of nonsense errors. I’m currently using the Digital Mars compiler and it works well.

I know I could use it with DevC++, but talk of falling in love with an IDE — Codeblocks rules for now.

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