Windows Vista RC1

Windows Vista

I updated my Windows Vista Beta 2 installation to the RC1 roday [from which I’m posting] and this time the screen capture works. IF there’s anything Microsoft lacks, it isn’t designers — that’s something the Linux guys need very very badly.

The thumbnail above links to the full screenshot of my desktop. I did have a problem with Windows automatically removing my GRUB bootloader — so no booting to Fedora until I do a clean install, or alternately learn how to install bootloaders.

Everything seems to work fine this time — from Office 2007 beta to Firefox, everything ran faster than before. Well, what else can I say?


  1. Afropinay says:

    Ok azuka..
    Can’t wait to work on it too.. the only sad thing is I dont want to run it on this system.Planning to buy a new notebook.. hahahaha.. cant wait.
    Azuka.. u see.. I saw something in that screen ask me what I saw..buahahahaha (lol.. azuka anytime I crack these jokes on you, I fee like I am spoiling you.. chai.. im such an agbaya..)

  2. We both sabi wetin you see. Hmmm, some people have been having unclean thoughts of late. Perhaps I could pray for you?

  3. Chxta says:

    That’s my Dapper screenshot running KDE 3.5.2. Linux has actually overtaken Windows in terms of aesthetics depending on what Window Manager you run….

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