Delusions of Grandeur

I must admit that when I started writing Authware, the aim was to have somewhere I could put up all my writing on the web and have people read it. Of late, I suppose I’ve been getting rather swollen-headed, trying to write something for everyone interested in writing, trying to figure out what people might need.

I think during this current rewrite, I’ll just write what Azuka needs and forget about everyone else. If ‘they’ need something with similar functionality, I’ll provide the code and let them extend it themselves.


  1. BookClubBlog says:

    Hi. Just saw your question on the Book Club Blog.

    To join, email [email protected], your email address is the main thing needed.

    Nice blog, can’t believe you are so young, you are way way older than your years. Well Done!

  2. mo says:

    Well Azuka has good taste so I think designed for him would (a)also serve everyone else & (b)be less stressful.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog… Urs is great even tho i’m soo lost trying to understand some of the computer stuff write-ups… i’m a microsoft word only kinda girl.. lol

    Have a great weekend

  4. Afropinay says:

    whats this Authware all about?Do you want to come up with something desined to fit your own specifics? hmmm..You talk just like my brother.. kai..
    I got your back though.. not “nerdically” sha, cos Im not much of a code person, but support and critics and analysis, Im here..:)

  5. Authware was the first yeye name that popped up in my head when I decided to write something to manage my writing. I call myself a writer, but I’m still quite amateur…

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