Bring it on

This week’s been hectic — I made a B in my last Computer Architecture test, but my above 100 score on the previous one [gotten through a bonus[, still leaves me with an A average. What’s this obsession with making all As?

I whipped my friend Raymond into a frenzy when I told him the MIT transfer deadline was January 1st — I must have needed a coke bottle then to look through and ascertain I was seeing right, as it turned out the deadline is March 1, next year.

Lee is leaving for Shanghai soon, her computer at the mercy of her crazy sister. I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t survive two weeks.

Mountain State’s reviving a literary magazine this semester, and hopefully, I’ll be meeting with Dr. Beech tomorrow, along with a few other people. Let’s see how it goes — although I’d rather maintain a low profile, it sure wouldn’t hurt to have references from what I hope will be a stint.

I’ve been furiously lazily coding on Authware and some thing else. I’m taking a big load on my shoulders at the moment, tangoing with security, and hoping the bad guys don’t get through at the first attempt. I do have a few concerns with the host currently being used — 1&1 [my host] sucks, but at least they take security more seriously than Dreamhost. I don’t want to let too much out, so I’m a bit vague.

That’s about it — I’m a lazy dreamer, envisioning grand ideas that are above what I deserve, but as the challenges come, I’ve got only one thing to say. Bring it on!


  1. Afropinay says:

    Pray for me.. Infact I know God would answer your own special prayers.
    Lmao.. Biola will handle the computer well.. I just hope she won’t flirt online with it..I think I need you to remote to that computer to help monitor the
    Azuks Azuks.. Go for it, I believe you can do it. Trust me, you’ll go through a lot but you’ll get there.. Just focus.. FOCUS and be determined.. but dont become too much of a nerd oh..:D lol.

    Oh by the way.. I failed my Comp Archi classes like hell.. I had a 3, thats like 78-80 (my school academic grading scale.. Assembly language was a killer..Thank God its over

  2. Lee, God answers everyone’s prayers — he neither distinguishes between the ‘special’ and the’unspecial’ — and who said I’m special?

    I knows Biola will handle the computer well — I just wanted to pull her here [it’s been long she dropped a comment]. As for flirting online, she’s legally free ;), although I think she’ll surely listen to the elders — me!

    It’s too late to save me — I’nm already called a nerd, but am I? Ah, ah — I’ll be coming to sit [figuratively] at your feet to learn Assembly Language. Goodluck with Shanghai.

  3. Christabelle says:

    Hi Azuka,
    thank you sooo much for your supportive words, I really appreciate them,I will come back later to catch up. Do take care.

  4. biodun says:

    Congrats on the A, I feel u on wanting all “A’s” n yeah u can do it, only managed to achieve that
    during summer skool, oh I miss summer skool, (not)

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