I tried installing Slackware today. I was too lazy to look up the parameters for fdisk and cfdisk, so I got out my Fedora DVD and wiped my second hard disk clean (there’s a Fedora install on it but my Windows Vista RC1 installation erased GRUB and installed its own tacky boot loader).

Dumb me! I realized when I was done that I could have gotten the parameter lists from the konsole, and worse, I deleted Kwame’s data (he’s been using a shared partition on my hard disk as a backup over the network). I hope he’s picked up most of his files — I don’t like to tell someone 19.2GB of data have gone POOF!

I’ll hopefully begin to move part of my development environment over to Linux in the next few weeks — that is, after I’ve fixed an invisible mouse pointer bug that’s unique to nVIDIA GeForce cards and Fedora. I’ve done it before, but my eyes are a little too tired to follow the highlighting of the various buttons and elements as my mouse pointer moves over them. Hmmph!


  1. Keshi says:

    *** I don’t like to tell someone 19.2GB of data have gone POOF!

    Azuka ur in deep trouble man LOL! If it was my data, u’d have to face a life sentence.


  2. biodun says:

    OK, I dont understand all this coding/computer lingo?

  3. Calabar Gal says:

    ME Too!! Please come down to our level!!!

  4. Calabar Gal says:

    I just listened to that prankcall on NaijaBloke’s Page!! That was Baaaad!!! Had me LMBAOROTF!!!!

  5. Azuka says:

    Thanks. He took it like a rock, though. It was just music and videos — nopthign that can’t be replaced.

    Biodun, Calabargal,
    I know ;). I needed to rant a bit.

    You know, at first I was ashamed when I heard it, because the guy had no shame. You might have said I was ashamed on his behalf. When I got to the catch at the end, it was a pleasant surprise… 😆

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