Authware is semi-live

I intended to push myself to get my writing site working before my birthday, but couldn't because I was also working on my blog theme. I'll be changing things across my sites, to keep the designs related.

I couldn't make the necessary code modifications because

  1. I'm lazy
  2. Writing some components within that short a time would have required extreme coding. Heck, even getting XMLRPC working'll take me a few days

Enjoy my latest work, Abdullahi -- which Vera refused to give me feedback on.

And here's to table tennis spinning between Kreanga and Chila. I never knew Chila could do this. Ha, ha, 'OKEPON.'

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  1. Vera Ezimora says:

    Wait a minute! How dare you tell the whole world that I REFUSED 2 give you feedback? Feedback delayed is not feedback denied o! Stop draggin my name thru the mud filled with likes of UNverastic people.


    Anyways, I will give you feedback. I read it, and I liked it.

    Geez, it’s past 12am. Better go enjoy those midnight dishes I love washing….hehehehe

  2. Afropinay says:

    Man! I wish I could write.. Way to go Azuka..:)

  3. Azuka says:

    You love washing dishes? You’re even weirder than I thought!

    Thanks :-*.

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