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Bring it on

This week’s been hectic — I made a B in my last Computer Architecture test, but my above 100 score on the previous one [gotten through a bonus[, still leaves me with an A average. What’s this obsession with making all As? I whipped my friend Raymond into a frenzy when I told him the […]

Delusions of Grandeur

I must admit that when I started writing Authware, the aim was to have somewhere I could put up all my writing on the web and have people read it. Of late, I suppose I’ve been getting rather swollen-headed, trying to write something for everyone interested in writing, trying to figure out what people might […]

Windows Vista RC1

I updated my Windows Vista Beta 2 installation to the RC1 roday [from which I’m posting] and this time the screen capture works. IF there’s anything Microsoft lacks, it isn’t designers — that’s something the Linux guys need very very badly. The thumbnail above links to the full screenshot of my desktop. I did have […]

Changing Compilers

I updated my archaic DevC++ installation today — and holy of holies, I couldn’t compile something I was working on. I decided to try out a “Hello World” program, but I still couldn’t compile. I was beginning to think the problem was from several installations I made recently so I uninstalled them — the errors […]

To Scorn a Lady

I was recently contacted by a lady I once worked with during the summer semesters this year. I know I’m not a good coder, so she must have been pretty hard up for one to work on Joomla. We didn’t part on the best of terms, so I was a bit surprised when I saw […]


I was just going over something today ans came across SQLite. Nope — it’s not that I just discovered it — I mean, I initially planned to start using it way back since last year, but I obviously needed a book to remind me that it existed. I’m working on a lightweight database abstraction layer […]