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Looking back over this year, I realize how much I’ve changed. All my shirts I came with over here are screaming to be let go. I was slightly over 5ft 11 when I came — I’m now approaching 6ft 1 and my trousers are ‘scared of the ground.’ I’ll be needing new jeans. The changes […]


I'm updating my life and moving on to some other things. I've been very lax with everything for a while. Presently, it seems I'm receiving freelance projects with a bit of regularity. I finally broke the RentACoder jinx last week and earned about $34 on a WordPress theme customization. Work on Authware still continues, but […]


Transferring to a different school has been an idea rolling in my mind right from time. A friend I’ll call Rock told me MSU’s not for me. Another guy [let’s call him Kofi] had a discussion with me today. When I told him I was contemplating transferring, he said,’That’s the wisests thing I’ve heard you […]