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The Law of the Dollar

There shall always be a minimum of one dollar in coins in my possession at any given time I know this sounds silly but I sat down yesterday during my weekly madness analysis. I hadn’t eaten all day and I did something I usually do: fish around in my shirt and jeans pockets, my coat, […]

Comment Spam

I turned on a simple image verification for people posting on my blog in the past. Two days ago, I got a rush of pingback spam. The spammers are moving on, and so will I. You don’t need to fill in that annoying comment verification to leave a comment on my blog anymore. I now […]

Looking for Bloggers

Mrs Daniel-Ayoade and I started the UsaStudyInfo Journals sometime in July this year. Since then. we’ve made just two posts. What is UsaStudyInfo and how did I get involved? I met the lady in question on Nairaland where she had the user id Consultant. I’d been looking for resources on transferring to a different school […]


I tried installing Slackware today. I was too lazy to look up the parameters for fdisk and cfdisk, so I got out my Fedora DVD and wiped my second hard disk clean (there’s a Fedora install on it but my Windows Vista RC1 installation erased GRUB and installed its own tacky boot loader). Dumb me! […]


I’ve been tagged by Vera, that annoying lady who doesn’t know I’ve got exams next week. I’ll do it anyway — anything for Miss Green :D. Shaving: I don’t shave under my arms — I pull all the hair out. I also love plucking out my eyebrows and eyelashes. I’ve plucked my brows clean before. […]


I’ve already mocked up a design for Authware and tweaked the database layer — I was able to communicate successfully with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server. Hopefully, any other developer interested should be able to write a layer for mySQLite or some other obscure database. I used PHP 5’s Interface feature — the classes only […]