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Mrs Daniel-Ayoade and I started the UsaStudyInfo Journals sometime in July this year. Since then. we’ve made just two posts.

What is UsaStudyInfo and how did I get involved?

I met the lady in question on Nairaland where she had the user id Consultant. I’d been looking for resources on transferring to a different school or getting financial aid [the costs here, although cheap when compared to that of most US schools, are taking a toll on my Dad]. Free financial aid as in free beer — scholarships. One look at the site, archived here told me it wasn’t too appealing, even though she knew her stuff. So I pitched in and offered to help [for a fee — token of course]. Well, we modified it and it became what it is today.

She’s a busy woman but she still finds time to answer people who ask questions, so she came up with the idea of starting a journal section for students who’re currently studying outside Nigeria, or who graduated here.

So far, we have only two articles, and I’m ashamed to admit that most of the problem lies with me. I promised to scout for more bloggers or journal-ists to contribute but have done nothing so far.

This is for you. Did you study outside Nigeria (US, UK or elsewhere)? Do you have experiences you want to share to make the process easier for others? Did you or didn’t you have any problems with culture shock? If your answer to most of these questions is yes, then you’re on.

Head over to the UsaStudyInfo Journals Registration Page, sign up and start contributing!


  1. Mutiu says:

    What about people that studied in Nigeria? Dont they have experience to share?

  2. nilla says:

    good you finally got your act together and started recruitung 🙂
    I’ll register later.

  3. Azuka says:

    The site is mainly to ease the problems of people seeking to study outside Nigeria. IF it had been a generic student thing, I’d have invited everyone. Of course, people who graduated outside Nigeria and are in Nigeria are always welcome!

    Oh you will? Blessing on you, my sister!

  4. candy says:

    my dayz! thnk i finally gt a nice, kool stop/spot in ur thang. how much ll i b paid 4 ma service?i mean sharin ma xperiences. thas all i wanna knw bout.nothin else matas.abi u ppl no dey pay?

  5. Vera Ezimora says:

    lol…only two articles since July? Hahahahaha. I know I should be contributing or trying 2, but I have 2 finish laughing @ the fact that only 2 articles have been published since july. LOL

  6. Keshi says:

    Good job then…


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