And he was ill…

It hit me today, sometime around 3 o’clock. That annoying bitter taste, no appetite, the signs were clear — I had a raging fever.

Was it from battling with one stupid line of code for 2 hours? I’d rewritten the experience section and there were some PHP4–PHP5 differences I didn’t forsee (ie foreach ($rows as &$row) throws an error in PHP4).

My roommate thought I caught it from him but I’m not sure of that either. I haven’t been ill in two whole years — perhaps it’s my body trying to tell me to be thankful of what I have.

My appetite’s still down, but the fever broke a few minutes ago. Am I glad!


  1. Afropinay says:

    Glad you feel better.. Thanks to Yeung Xien and her herbal tea :):p

    on a serious note.. pele.. and u need to take a break and some rest.. oya vamoose to bed now.. but remember my gift oh..:)

  2. temmy tayo says:

    Glad you feel berra now.

    Bed Bed and BED!! OK!

  3. Cherub says:

    Hope u feel better soon Azuka. BTW, i heard u’re the go-to man in blogsville AKA the computer guru. I need help with my blog o. Please check my latest blog entry to see what the problem is. I don’t want to fill ur comments section with problems. Have a blessed day.

  4. biodun says:

    Glad 2 know ur feeling better now. Take it easy n get some rest!

  5. endi says:

    Do they have harmattan there? give urself some rest….thats the para u need.glad u are feeling better anyway.

  6. candy says:

    awwwwwwwwww!ehyaaaa!pele.giv urself sum gud rest boy.code less and be sick no more. get well soonest ok?.

  7. mari says:

    get well soon. T’is the season to be sick.

  8. Azuka says:

    Don’t worry. I spent all night working on your gift. I hope you loved it :lol:.

    Thanks a lot. The funny thing is that I’m hyper-active anytime I’m ill (should I have listed that among my weird stuff?). I was up all night working on two sites and watching Mr. Bean and I still wasn’t tired.

    I know of the name change (we bloggers keep up ;)). I’ve removed the reference to your past alias ;). I’m hopping over there soon.

    Biodun, Endi, Candy
    Thanks :).

    I’m well. The season? Do you want to be sick?

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