The Law of the Dollar

There shall always be a minimum of one dollar in coins in my possession at any given time

I know this sounds silly but I sat down yesterday during my weekly madness analysis. I hadn’t eaten all day and I did something I usually do: fish around in my shirt and jeans pockets, my coat, empty my drawers, and at the end of it all, came up with exactly one dollar in coins.

When I went to the vending machine however, I discovered one of the quarters belonged to that category of thin coins the owners of the vending machine put in although the machine doesn’t accept those same coins back. Wahala.

Ever since I came here, I run out of money in hand approximately every two weeks. Walking to the ATM is overkill for a lazy soul like me so I’ve formed the bad habit of rummaging through my things until I find the exact amount I need which never is below a dollar. For some reason, I always find what I want to find hence the law.

Back to the story.

Back I stomped to my room to do more searching. In my bag, between my books, behind my computer (where I found a dime), under the bed (five cents) and when I had almost given up, inside my rarely opened box (where I found another dime).

Quod erat demonstrandum.

A muffin never tasted better…


  1. Buki says:



  2. uzo says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Ha ha ha…

  3. mari says:

    LOL…we’ve all been there.

    Well, it happens all the time with me.

  4. Gridl0ck says:


    I always find some money in my jeans pockets when I’m broke too.

    Hmmm. You’re lucky you have to search only in your jeans pockets. I have to turn my room upside down before I find the last coin.

  5. Rathna says:

    lolz..experience to cherish!


  6. Boso says:

    You got a muffin from a vending machine?

    Yeah. It might be an American thing though…

  7. Princess says:

    Too funny!!

    It is.

  8. Jaycee says:

    ha ha ha…may God deliver us from the dollar…I never remember to put my bills in one place until I need it…

    then obviously…the law of the dollar searching begins…under my bed, inside my purse, inside my two wallets, inside the coin department….etcetera etcetera…lolll…

    Just like me. Sometimes I wonder if I intentionally spread things everywhere so I can get to them later. If I kept my coins in one place, they either pile up or I spend them all.

  9. nilla says:


    I can imagine how tasty that muffin must have been.

    It tasted super-great!

  10. mack says:

    hungry man!

    Lol. If only we could document all the things we’ve done to alleviate hunger…

  11. as boso said, you got a muffin from a vending machine!! where is that machine. funny story though.

    In the dorms. We get all kinds of strange stuff in the machines here.

  12. I watched an episode of “How clean is your house” on BBC Prime and after they cleaned the babe’s house, they found about $3,000 in change just lying around (and the babe was not rich o!). Maybe you should leave your coins to grow before harvesting them.

    Why have the muffin when you can buy the whole vending machine?

    Whoa! $3 gini? Erm, I couldn’t eat half the machine even though my gluttony is legendary when I let go…

  13. Araceli says:

    Love the ending…

    And I know what you mean when searching for some change.

    Yeah, don’t we all do that? I’m honored to have you drop by

  14. temmy tayo says:

    LOl @IMHAM: leave your money to grow before you harvest.

  15. Calabar Gal says:

    U raided ur piggy bank. This has happened to me and hubby too a couple of times. Hilarious!!

    I hope you didn’t turn the house upside down?

  16. Keshi says:

    LOL ur crazy Azuka and very likeable!


    I’m blushing. Thanks, Keshi.

  17. azuka azuka – how many times did I call u. Try your best to alow is to yield some dividends…..LOL.

    Hmmm. Dividends? Are you sure I can wait that long?

  18. delilah 3 says:

    we don do all these before, especially when i dey OAU. me and my buddy,BiBi dey do this wen moni don finish.we go get somthing sha from our pockets, inside the ceareal box,under the bed and between the pages of a book then hit the fufu joint at Old buka. Nice fufu o ,with eja alaran and fresh vegetables so who say campus no sweet.

    I’m remembering my secondary school days when I used to go heavily in debt because I just had to sneak out of school with my friends and feast on suya and the special indomie-egg combination the meshayi used to make. Those days…

  19. Jem says:

    well, it’s true because if you look at it, it does not take much before you end up with a dollar anyways. And seeing how we sometimes drop a dime her and a few cents there regularly and unexpectedly ….

    me sha …. I keep a jar of my coins. Right now, there are only cents in it … the higher denominations are gone but i know it will never run dry. There will always be up to a dollar even tho i have to count like 10 coins…. lol

    I keep a jar too, but that’s for pennies. How I hate pennies!

  20. Vera Ezimora says:

    Azuka, you’re not serious @ all. Although, I have to say I understand where you’re coming from. I don’t like going to the ATM either. At the same time, I can’t keep swiping my card abi? LOL. Before I do damage 2 my account.

    But when it comes 2 buying stuff out of the vending machine ehn, e no easy @ all. My favorite vending maching is one we used 2 have in skool. Well, it’s still there, but it’s been fixed. When u put in a five dollar bill (don;t ask why we even put a five dollar bill) for a $1 drink, it gives you more than one drink, gives u back your $5 and some change! How could is that abeg?

    Chai! Why do the best things always happen to be where I’m not? 🙁

  21. naijababe says:


  22. Afropinay says:

    Comment posting test!!! I hope this works..

  23. Afropinay says:

    HALLELUYAH!!! Finally!!! What did you do? ok lemme go and read your story..

  24. Keshi says:

    MWAHH Azuka 😉


    😳 Embarassed…

  25. taureanminx says:


    I know! Bad habit, eh? 😀

  26. Naija Dude! says:

    LOL…I did just right about the same thing as well.. But now I just intentionally leave those money lying around, pretending they are growing…

    Growing ke? 😆

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