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I’m back

… or at least, have been since Monday. I wish I could say Nigeria was completely fun — not that it wasn’t, but being away for quite a while had gotten me unaccustomed to some of the important things. Like NEPA PHCN. After a few weeks of making excuses with my employer and spending quite […]


I started taking driving lessons about a week ago. It’s been exciting in a way — never mind the fact that the instructor uses a very old Volkswagen ‘Bug’ Beetle. The gears make the most awful grinding noises in the world when I shift up or down and having long legs, the wheel touches my […]

They said…

‘They said a witch was caught this afternoon close to Garrison,’ my cousin Bukky informed me breathlessly. Who are they? I wondered. It took me about ten seconds before it registered. They — that quaint Nigerian way of using the pronoun such that it meant no one, anyone, some people or everyone without any specifics […]


The title of the post says it all. I’m back where I like to call home. I’m putting together the gist at the moment, but let’s just say I’m having a great time 😉


“You know, Azuka you haven’t started talking like an American,” my younger brother said to me. “Really? I’m proud of my accent. I think people sound stupid when they try to mask it and…” “No, not that,” my brother interrupted. “You’re not saying things like ‘bullsh*t’, ‘f**k you’, ‘mother..’” “What?!” Obscenities… The strongest word I […]


L-R: Azuka, Kip (my Nepalese friend), Gary (the head of our club), Vito, Alan (the Filipino — our best player. He’s not left-handed!). I’m holding my glasses in my hand. Trust me, you don’t want to see me with them on!. We played at the state championships yesterday. It was the first time I was […]