I’m back

… or at least, have been since Monday.

I wish I could say Nigeria was completely fun — not that it wasn’t, but being away for quite a while had gotten me unaccustomed to some of the important things. Like NEPA PHCN.

After a few weeks of making excuses with my employer and spending quite a bit on diesel for our generator when not doing so (making excuses), I got flat-out broke and had to stop working. The internet connection at home was a joke, and I don’t want to talk about it.

I probably sound like I hated going back home, but I didn’t. Mom’s cooking was absolutely fabulous and although I intended to lose some weight back home, I couldn’t, although I didn’t gain any either. It was great seeing my younger brother, Uche, and my elder, ‘Chief’ as well as my cousins, aunts and uncles. I met up with a few old classmates too.

I’m not blogging from my PC (which has some issues at the moment), but in any case,

Tadaima (I’m home).


  1. DiAmOnD Hawk says:

    wow… you were gone for a while…
    welcome back!

  2. Vera Ezimora says:

    Welcome back, BUT what did you bring me?

  3. AlooFar says:

    Welcome back. It’s nice to know you had fun.

  4. exschoolnerd says:

    small rat, its been a while…

  5. Azuka says:

    Diamond, AlooFar

    A very fresh Azuka, straight from Nigeria. You can’t beat that!

    Wait let me catch you!

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