Team Members
L-R: Azuka, Kip (my Nepalese friend), Gary (the head of our club), Vito, Alan (the Filipino — our best player. He’s not left-handed!). I’m holding my glasses in my hand. Trust me, you don’t want to see me with them on!.

We played at the state championships yesterday. It was the first time I was competing in any kind of sporting event and I was very nervous. On my first game I was paired with Dayo — a Nigerian doctor who was the best player by far — and I got soundly trounced. He’s a very nice guy — told me to loosen up and that it was all just for fun.

I almost beat two people who kept pushing the ball to my backhand — I’ve got some pretty good loops and attack there — but I got carried away and missed both games. Gary told me at the end that this was the best he’d seen me play and I think the nervousness brought something out of me. Anyway, that’s it and I think I know what I need now — practice, practice, practice.

On my way to Lewisburg (where the tournament was held) Vito asked me if I had a girlfriend. Back in the dorms, my cousin A — Jaycee‘s friend — called me. For some reason, the talk went to my not talking and she asked me if I had a girlfriend.

Is that an omen? Is it time I had one?

PS: I’m still tired and aching. It might be a while before I start blog-hopping again.


  1. nilla says:


    Yes it’s time you had one 😉

  2. Boso says:

    Maybe it is time you found a girlfriend. Well done though, hope you had loads of fun at the tournament.

  3. Kafo says:

    Yes o it is a sign.
    my friend had a similiar situation 3 ppl in one week.

  4. Nosa says:

    girlfriends are overrated

  5. Ejura says:

    I’m thinking you had fun at the tournament.Girlfriend?who knows,maybe it’s time.
    100% introvert!Haba Azuka!Amuse toi bien!

  6. Afropinay says:

    So how was it? They thrashed you guys abi?

    Hm(to the 100th power)……

  7. temmy tayo says:


    AT least u had fun. E no easy to be sports

  8. uzo says:

    Hey…I see you…Nice

  9. Lizzy says:

    Yeah it’s time Azuka.

    And ohh glad you had fun at the tournament.

  10. Jaycee says:

    A asked u if u had a gf??? Lollll…Zukie darling, I think its time…

    Ah ah…u go Azuka…see the handsome look u’re giving us in that pic (with this kind of dark handsome young lad look, I think it’d be pretty easy to get one)…nah just kidding, God’s time is always the best!

    …so what was ur position naw?

  11. Vickii says:

    State Championships … Well Done! I’m rubbish at table tennis so I have so much admiration for anyone who isn’t equally crap.

    Hopefully you’ll meet some really amazing girl soon but until then enjoy being single … girlfriends can be great but they can also be a lot of work!

  12. mmm yeah.. its time.:)

  13. nyemoni says:

    We understand… Time don reach sha…Now there’s this nice looking Ikwerre gal who lives at Rumuodomanya, you know I could introduce you to her… you’ll hit it off quite nicely…;-)

  14. Azuka says:

    Somehow I knew all of you’d say that!

    Yeah, I did. Nervousness aside, it was exciting playing so many people with different styles.

    Great. Just two this week so far, so I’m saved!

    Very overrated, my friend.

    I don’t think that test is accurate. I like to think I’m 99.9% introvert!

    Nah. Kip won all his games except 1. I think Alan lost just one too.

    Temmy Tayo
    Yeah, I did. I’m planning on being more active.


    Where’ve you been hiding sef? I want you to present yourself tonight on YM at maximum warp! Seriously, how’ve you been? Kosi wahala?

    We weren’t last. I think we were somewhere around third. IF I hadn’t dragged the team down we might have been very strong.

    You play?! I guess there’s a lot I don’t know — and no, I’m not that good.

    You people are out to get me!

    Ikwerre girl? Rumuodomaya? No, thank you please. Ikwerre girls scare the heck out of me!

  15. Sammy says:

    ha! introvert? mmm.
    this is funy but for the sake of scrutiny. just find one and be safe.

  16. Vickii says:

    Errr Azuka, I wouldn’t exactly say I ‘play’ … more like I have made embarassing attempts to play in the past. It’s a tiny racket and and even smaller ball, I’m good at a lot of things but obviously hand-eye coordination isn’t my forte.

  17. beyond says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog, really appreciate it. playing sport is so much fun, am happy fun; and maybe it really time for you to start considering hooking up with a sis.

  18. you want practice? come up here man…. if i’m not enough of a challenge, then i know this other ukie that will wipe the table with you with his eyes closed…… jk but we’ll definitely give you some practice…. 🙂

  19. Afropinay says:

    Yes its time you had one!!! 😀

  20. akin aworan says:

    When they ask questions like that, you just know they are trying to set you up..

    ps: I reckon you look better without the glasses. Makes you look younger..

  21. idemili says:

    I don’t think you should do anything you aren’t ready to do. However, if you are, that’s a whole other story.

  22. wow it must be cool competing in a table tennis competition.i’m crap at table tennis though i practice hard

  23. chidi says:

    hmmm…..maybe its time you had one

  24. exschoolnerd says:

    u look alot like someone i went to school with…the most important question is do u think u need a g.f?

    do u rili rili think u need one now..if u dont..then wait til u do..

    u dont look ur age…bt ur still a small rat.

  25. Azuka says:

    You know I’m better single ;-).

    Well, I can’t really play except I have my glasses on and they’re always sliding down my nose. It isn’t funny when you suddenly find yourself looking at a blurred ball in the middle of a loop, trying all the time to adjust your glasses so they don’t fall off.

    Not yet. Not yet…

    You sure? I need to get some clips of Azuka in action taken.

    If I remember correctly, you owe me a lot of ’em.

    Haha. I only wear them in class or when playing ping pong.

    We both know where I stand there 😉

    Well, the key to improvement is acknowledging one is crap… then setting out to eliminate the crapness.


    So you’re what? A big rat?

  26. Keshi says:

    aww I finally get to see Azuka! WOW!


  27. Sedbell4eva says:

    Well it appears that you need to start practising in other fields too
    But shine your eyes oh…

  28. Michael says:

    I really like your writing style and your choice of topics. Gives me some really good ideas on how to improve my own blog. Thanks!!

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