I don’t know why, but I’ve been listening to this for almost all of today.

If you’re seeing this, then you don’t have the flash player, or have disabled javascript. My deepest apologies.

Download Umqombothi

I’m almost done on the code for my writing site. I should be done this week or next and I’ll put up some of the stuff I’ve been hording.


  1. Keshi says:


    btw I didnt u’stand what u meant by ur latest comment in my blog. plz explain πŸ™‚


  2. Frances Uku says:

    nice one! now i’m all set for the week on the music front…

  3. chidi says:

    I love this song!!

  4. candy says:

    awww! lol! that ol’ ol’ song. Tis been long I heard it. But tis a good thing u listening to it, that means u might be missing home. God Bless

  5. idemili says:

    LOL what a coinkidink! My cousin was listening to that song all this weekend! An ‘umquombothi’ virus perhaps? I think Chaka Chaka released some jazz into the air!

  6. yeah!.. absoluntely love this song.thanks for sharing.. theres really nothing you cant find on youtube eh!

  7. Boso says:

    Wow, I haven’t heard this in AGES.

  8. mochafella says:

    Kai!!, NTA played holes thru this song.

  9. Mad Hatter says:

    Wow…. I watched Chaka Chaka on cable Tv 2 weeks ago singing and talking about her hits.

    She also performed ‘Am burning up, and ‘Thank you Mr DJ’

    Nice one

  10. web-o says:

    Vintage Africa bro …. good song about the reality of life in most of black africa; unpretentious hence priceless.

  11. oh my gosh.. i never saw this video before… funny stuf!!

  12. DiAmOnD hawk says:

    i remember i was so excited when i got this on itunes a year ago.. I really like this song… Was this the video they showed in nigeria??? cuz i dont seem to remember it… anyways hope you’re well

  13. Lizzy says:

    Awww i remember this song. Now i love it all over again.

    It’s been a while since i heard it.

  14. Azuka says:


    I’m glad I made your day week!

    Ha ha, me too. It’d been almost six years since I heard it last.

    I always miss home, but then, don’t you?

    Who knows? It just might be one — I found my friend listening to it too!

    …Even Nigerian shows from the ’80s.

    Been a while since I did too!

    NTA NTA. The old NTA is gone isn’t it? πŸ™

    Mad Hatter
    The bug seems to be real.

    I just might keep at you until you start blogging. When’re we starting?

    Yeah. Now we get Nigerian artistes trying to sound [and look] American…

    I was surprised as well. I mean, here is a song I thought was a tribute to Africa and I suddenly discover it’s a tribute to African beer! πŸ˜†

    I can’t remember any video — I think I listened to it only on the radio.

    I’m well oh, Diamond. Et toi?

    Yeah, it’s a classic. Won any Yanni converts for me yet?

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