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Of Blogs and Blogging IV

I’m sorry I’ve been away for a very long while. I caught a fever. The blogging series continued. In my last article we discussed some blogging basics I’m sure everyone who has been blogging for long knows. In this article I’ll be highlighting some blogging rules most bloggers don’t follow, as well as the advantages […]

And he was ill…

It hit me today, sometime around 3 o’clock. That annoying bitter taste, no appetite, the signs were clear — I had a raging fever. Was it from battling with one stupid line of code for 2 hours? I’d rewritten the experience section and there were some PHP4–PHP5 differences I didn’t forsee (ie foreach ($rows as […]

Looking for Bloggers

Mrs Daniel-Ayoade and I started the UsaStudyInfo Journals sometime in July this year. Since then. we’ve made just two posts. What is UsaStudyInfo and how did I get involved? I met the lady in question on Nairaland where she had the user id Consultant. I’d been looking for resources on transferring to a different school […]


I don’t think this is a word. I’ve got a gourmetry/cookery section in my photo gallery. Here’s the result of tonight’s efforts. I couldn’t get peas so I substituted corn. I’m going to clean up and hope no staunchers show up. Salivate in vain!

Of Blogs and Blogging III

I’m sorry for leaving the series hanging. Ideally, I ought to be making a post per day. This part, and the next will deal with blogging proper. I’ll be using two popular blogging platforms — Automattic WordPress and Google Blogger. For this part, we’ll be discussing signup, making a post, commenting, and customizing your layout. […]

Hotelling the Windows Way

I was reading the issue of Infoworld that arrived in the mail today and I saw this: Bill Gates may soon be joining Leona Helmsley and Donald Trump among the world’s elite hoteliers. Sir Bill’s investment group is part of a consortium bidding to take over the Four Seasons Hotel chain. One can only imagine […]