Hotelling the Windows Way

I was reading the issue of Infoworld that arrived in the mail today and I saw this:

Bill Gates may soon be joining Leona Helmsley and Donald Trump among the world’s elite hoteliers. Sir Bill’s investment group is part of a consortium bidding to take over the Four Seasons Hotel chain. One can only imagine what may happen if the bid is successful. At the new “Four Seasons Live,” room service will be available for just $35 per call, though all food deliveries will be routed through Bangalore. To combat rampant towel piracy, guests will be required to validate their room keys within 15 minutes of checking in or get locked out; the toilets will ask three times if you’re really sure you want to flush. Welcome to the Hotel Microsoft: You can reboot any time you like, but you can never leave.

Here’s the online version. Thanks Robert Cringely for making me laugh :lol:. I need the humor — I’m in a black mood today, or at least I’ve been in one since I wrote my Economics exam.


  1. nilla says:

    Pele, hope your less moody now?… :-*…hope that makes you feel better 🙂

  2. candy says:

    Lol! u finally wrote the papers 4 tha course u alwayz stab. I hope it was hectic,torturing,nd toxic so u ll hav 2 go back nd ask d almighty 4 4gvnss. Why? bcos u re a byg tym stabboooooooooo! lazie bonez!ha ha

  3. This really is funny. The whol combating towel piracy. I enjoy visiting your blog, but never manage to leave a comment. Will be doing so from now on.

  4. Azuka says:

    I hope that’s specially for me? 😳

    Tread softly, girl. You go wound oh!

    Life of a Stranger
    I think the part I loved best was

    …though all food deliveries will be routed through Bangalore…


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