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English Names

I was somewhere between five and six years old playing on the veranda of our house with my elder brother and some of the neighborhood kids. What we’d been doing remains a blur to me, although I think it was somehow related to ‘cooking’ with sand and leaves. “My English name is Fred,” Nonso, one […]

Of Blogs and Blogging V

I must confess I’ve been quite lazy for the past few weeks — as well as busy on the WritingInn and AUGNG websites. I’d almost lost interest in continuing the series until Nino of Akopo asked if he could translate it into French. I figured that if my miserable attempt is worth translating into French, […]

The Calls

I had two important calls yesterday. For some reason Tracfone doesn’t allow calls to or from Nigeria so my Dad had to bring the entire family to his office to talk with me on Skype. I haven’t heard my mom’s voice in a long, long while and I was happy to catch up with the […]

All Business

It’s all business here — that is, if you call sleeping and eating business. I recently purchased a domain name, and I think that’s where I’ll be putting up a writing community. Nikita‘s going to get some competition (he owns Outputwriting), or will we exchange ideas? Hard to say at this moment. Speaking of […]

Domestic Abuse

I’ve been having a series of nightmares for the past few days, and somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, this story formed. I didn’t go too graphic here, and I hope I never have to rewrite it to be graphic. It had been a busy day at the office. I walked in, half-expecting […]