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It’s all business here — that is, if you call sleeping and eating business.

I recently purchased a domain name, and I think that’s where I’ll be putting up a writing community. Nikita‘s going to get some competition (he owns Outputwriting), or will we exchange ideas? Hard to say at this moment.

Speaking of my Xmas cooking, I ordered everything from Amazon — from the full chicken and beef to the spices and rice. I’d forgotten how to cut up a chicken and spent an hour yesterday using my ‘blunt’ knife to try to work on it. When I tested the knife against my thumb it cut me very cleanly. Turns out I’d been trying to cut through the ribcage of the crazy chicken — and I didn’t even let it thaw. I ended up breaking and tearing it apart with my hands.

I made some fried rice last night [no pictures this time] and have been doing nothing else but sleep throughout today.

I need to get my coding juices flowing once again. I intend to be doing just that all Christmas.


  1. mari says:

    You ordered what from Amazon? Food?? Lmao, u are joking aren’t u? Try and make the best out of the holiday. Merry Christmas.

  2. temmy tayo says:

    I need to give you cooking lesson. Remind me o.

    Merry Xmas.

  3. Azuka says:

    Amazon is the one true marketplace. I simply love it, and thanks for the Xmas wishes. I wish you the same.

    Temy Tayo
    Cutting a chicken 101 would definitely be in order. Seriously, I need refresher courses.

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