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‘Great hitting today, man!’ Jim slapped me gently on the back. ‘You’re a long ways better’n when you first came — ask anybody.’ He drew out the ‘anybody’ – aaaanybody. I shook my head sadly. ‘Why’re you looking discouraged my man? You hit pretty good!’ he exclaimed, punching my shoulder. I smiled, as we pushed […]

Junk Food

I do not find it surprising that most addicted programmers including me are connoisseurs of junk food. In front of my scren, there’s got be to be a ‘snack’ somewhere — forget how appreciative I am of well-cooked food. I’m supposed to be on a diet [now don’t laugh :mad:] but for some reason, today […]

The Awakening

I’m sitting here in front of my computer, typing this and there’s a joy in me I cannot express. Somehow, today at 12:22AM I crawled out of bed and tapped a key to dispel my Rush Hour 2 screensaver. I shielded my eyes from the screen as I adjusted to the light. Everything looked new, […]


Vigilante forces are always in the Nigerian news — especially concerning kidnapping or threatening oil workers and companies. I thought it safe to assume I’d be able to get material on the way they behave. So far, my post on Nairaland has gotten very few replies and the only portrayals the media has of these […]

Logs, AuthWare

I’m feeling very lazy these days — I haven’t touched AuthWare in quite a while because I’ve been trying to do my research on writing a plugin system. The consensus seems to be that it’s highly complex, so for now I’ll forget about plugins. 1 & 1 is driving me crazy. I don’t like the […]

Looking for help…

It would be very wrong of me to presume my blog is being widely read — forget the Google ranking — but I’m trying to get some Nigerians who frequent my blog to assist me with my book. I made a post on Nairaland but so far no one has come to the rescue. I’ll […]